Thomas Turner Exclusive Interview: 

Founder and Mastermind Behind the Relentless Beats Empire 

by Michael Beas

RaverMag: Tell us about the rave scene in Arizona. How has it changed in the last five years?   Thomas Turner: Arizona’s rave scene has been strong for many years, but in the past five years we have taken our events to the next level. From booking bigger and better artists to production and expanded events – we have seen much larger and diverse attendance across the board. RaverMag: How do you feel the commercialization of electronic dance music has affected the kind of talent and artists we see come up every year?   Thomas Turner: Honestly, it’s a really diverse crop each year. With more people enthusiastic about electronic music, we see all genres flourishing as fans navigate their way around things and figure out their own taste.

RaverMag: What is the key to curating a successful dance music event?

Thomas Turner: Relentless Beats strives to have our events remembered as one of the best nights of our fan’s lives. It has to be truly anticipated for the entire year.

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