TONY Drops Uplifting Energy In Release ‘Angels And Devils’

    TONY has touched on a common consensus that everyone can understand. Our life is determined by the choice that we make each and every day. Deciding how ethical we will be can be a second-nature decision of be something that we dwell on for days on end. It can truly feel like we are split in two: our shadow self and our best self at odds. Although the song shares a major chord, happy-go-lucky sentiment, what the lyrics convey is something that’s deeper and thought provoking.

    TONY is currently on her 3rd release, with things seeming to become more developed and mature both sonically and with what she chooses to share through the music itself. Her music has achieved nice support through a variety of means. Her past release landed radio airplay on various international stations, while “Angels and Devils,” has exploded on the streaming front, approaching the 100,000 mark as of writing this article.

    There’s infectious quality that surrounds this artist – the branding easy to understand, the music can be enjoyed again and again – there’s plenty to love with TONY.

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