Troyak and Chæ have teamed up for a very unique track that’s an embodiment of psy-trance, electro, R&B and features chæ’s vocals. Deep within the lyrics, you can hear her stream of consciousness about lusting for someone to be hers and the need to be heard/wanted. If that’s not what dating in 2019 is, then I don’t know what is.

While collaborating with Troyak on “Escape,”  chæ said “I met Max while he was on tour with KSHMR. We got caught up in conversation, felt connected artistically and kept in touch. A couple of weeks later, he sent me a few links of rough ideas that he had lying around, and one file called ‘Pain’ had caught my attention which was the beginnings of what became ‘Escape.’

Well Chæ, all we here at Raver can say is we’re glad you ran into Troyak because this track is uniquely good and we’re excited to here what’s next.

About Chæ:

Portuguese-Indian singer and songwriter, chæ, was born and raised on the coasts of the eastern Arabian Peninsula. Growing up in a musical home, she sang in choir as a toddler, which quickly led her to exploring songwriting and creating her own work from an early age. She left home as an adolescent, and found herself upon the shores of New England, where she continued her creative journey. While there, she attended Berklee School of Music. During this time she encountered dance music, and shortly thereafter began exploring and writing in various styles within the electronic world. Her soulful, wistful tonality carries you along with iridescent imagery in her writing. Having an international understanding of culture and religion, she has set herself to be a voice that instills courage into regions that hold great repression. Representing the feminine duality and exemplifying both stillness, elegance, purity and beauty. She prides herself as being a predator, attempting to abolish the image that society has curated for all women.


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