Tutara Peak and Owsey Deliver “The Sudden Glimmer”

    UK producer Tutara Peak is back with another lush listen via “The Sudden Glimmer” composed alongside Northern Ireland act Owsey. Although he only has two years under his belt as Tutara Peak, his multi-faceted take on experimental dance music has landed him record deals on Brainfeeder, a collaboration with Little Snake, and over a million streams on Spotify alone. A beaming addition to his repertoire, “The Sudden Glimmer” is a celestial listen.

    “The Sudden Glimmer” is armed with oceanic qualities via swirling synth work, lo-fi vocals, and ambient beats. Together, Tutara Peak and Owsey combine their respective talents to create charming musical worlds that provoke emotion and introspection. Likened to the sounds of Petit Biscuit, “The Sudden Glimmer” is digestible to any particular music fan. Listen below.

    “The Sudden Glimmer’ began from an experimentation using lights to trigger my synthesisers. I jammed around a bit with the guitar and sent it to Owen who absolutely smashed out extra production and the vocals. We went through a few versions of the song to see how dynamic it could possibly be, eventually landing on the version you’re listening to now. We thought a lot about the song title, trying to derive a name that represented the lyrics which discuss breaking ties with an old friend. Eventually we came to ‘The Sudden Glimmer’ as a title that describes the moment you realise ending a relationship with someone is for the best. The first shimmery synth sound in the song is meant to represent this moment of realisation.” – Tutara Peak

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