With their first for 2022 (and it could hardly have come much earlier), tyDi & JES bring the hope with their new collaboration, ‘Just Believe’.

    The release comes off the back of challenging times for Australian-born/LA-based DJ/producer, tyDi. Having been hospitalised with a rare neurological condition and spending much of the autumn of 2021 fighting his way back to fitness, much could be inferred from the single’s title.

    ‘Just Believe’ however predates any recent histories. tyDi and JES began writing the track in 2018, well before his, or anyone else’s world turned upside down. JES – a girl well known for putting her heart, soul and life into her work, has written a storyful song miles distant from current events.

    Musically, it’s hard to imagine a tyDi studio-work filled with more optimism. The conservatory-trained composer brings all his skill to bear on a production that first intimates, and then positively radiates warmth, sun and brighter-days-vibes.

    Thematically, JES’s song deals with one of those ‘we’ve all been there’ moments, when friendships turn to something more. Detailed perfectly through her heart-on-sleeve lyrics, it’s a song about having faith, being bold, laying it on the line and taking the leap.

    The song also comes in partnership with one of tech’s hottest new pieces of digital real estate. Enter Rachel van Nortwick, the brain Vinylly, the dating app that pairs you with matches based on your musical tastes. The connection between ‘Just Believe’ and Vinylly was undeniable, as Rachel noted.

    When I heard the song, I instinctively felt a connection between the story and the experiences that led me to create Vinylly’. 

Pooling their creativity, the idea for a new type of music video was hatched. Conceived and directed by Los Angeles native Ben Meredith, ‘Just Believe’ releases with a beautifully crafted narrative-based music video. Taking Vinylly’s value proposition and spinning it into a compelling story, we follow multiple characters and timelines while JES performs the song from a downtown Los Angeles rooftop. 


    ’We have managed to sidestep traditional product placement. It is so connected; it’s like the song is what inspired Vinylly, and vice-versa. Hopefully, the video creates the type of fun and exciting experiences we should all be enjoying in our relationships and dating” Rachel added.

    ‘Just Believe’ is available from today through all good streaming and sales outlet

    A more positive way to start 2022 you simply will not find.



    1. tyDi & JES – Just Believe (Original Mix)
    2. 2.tyDi & JES – Just Believe (Extended Mix)

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