Making his debut on Recordings with original edit ‘Desolate’ is one of South Africa’s most exciting stars, the enigmatic Tyler Breaks.

    Moving into the wave genre, which is known for its dark, heavy vibes, Breaks brings more of an emotive edge to ‘Desolate’, splicing tender sound design with lazy depth charges and swinging basslines. Stitching echoing, reverberating synths lines and FX across the top, the South African producer creates space within his sonosphere to give the track an ethereal, cinematic feel that wouldn’t feel out of place in the gaming world.

    Desolate’ is one of the tracks that really reminds me why I make music in the first place,” Breaks said. “It represents the raw emotions I struggle to materialize into audible form, and the vocal hook in the track “alone in the darkness” echoes the mental space I find myself when I am able to craft a musical journey that I consider truly sincere.”

    With a catalogue of music reaching back to 2018, including single and EP releases, Breaks’ initial sound originated in the country’s vibrant D’n’B arena. However over recent years his style has shifted more into the wave genre, where he’s quickly establishing himself as one to watch.

    Releasing tracks across a range of genres, including wave, hardware and neo-grime, Records have proven a hotbed of talent from artists at various stages of their career. Fast becoming an iconic force within the world of wave, it’s easy to see how Breaks has found a natural home there.

    Tyler Breaks has been releasing music for several years, with his catalog of singles and EP’s dating back to 2018 and showcasing a dynamic array of designs and moods. He debuted this alias with more of a drum and bass focus and then began shifting his direction to the genre of wave in later months. Today, he’s proven he’s a well-developed artist with plenty of talent and ambition to share.

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