Ultra Music Festival needs YOU to Celebrate 20 Amazing Years

by Kristine Kennedy

Photos by Michael Beas

Turning 20 is an important year of one’s youth. In the US, it means just one more year until you can legally order a drink (yay!) or be charged as an adult (yikes!). In Festival terms, turning 20 means you’ve done a damn good job at growing over the years and delivering your fans the most epic experiences. Ultra Music Festival has done just that year after year and we are giddy AF to see just what the talented team behind her production has in store to celebrate a 20th Birthday that Ultra Music Festival deserves!


We’ve rounded up 20 reasons why YOU should make sure you’re in attendance for the celebration. There’s still time to get a ticket and join in the party!

  1. Making amazing memories with your friends.

  1. Making new friends from all over the world!

  1. Showing off your best rave outfits.

  1. Bringing your flag so you can show off when Damian Pinto aka the VOICE of DANCE MUSIC asks you to hold up all those flags.

  1. Snagging a spot near the cameras swinging around in GA so you can say hi to your friends experiencing major fomo watching on the livestream from home.

  1. Go early to discover new artists.

  1. Basking in that beautiful Miami sun. And may we say without jinxing anything, the weather is looking to be fabulous this year! Be sure to bring sunscreen.

  1. Splurging for a VIP ticket is actually really worth it for the perks. VIP’s even get their own private entrance so they can zip right into the festival.

  1. There are mobile cell phone towers on site to save those ever-dying batteries!

  1. The lineup is GOLD. Plus, SHM reunion? Rumor or not, I wouldn’t want to miss that!
  2. The stage design is stunning. Side note – Ultra designs Main Stage completely in-house. Impressive!

  1. Seeing the beautiful Ultra Angels in person – eye candy for you guys in attendance.

  1. Fantastic festival food options no matter what your diet is.

  1. Bayfront Park is a great location for this festival. You feel like you’re in your own community and there’s plenty of space to sit and relax or catch some shade under a tree.

  1. Transportation options galore! You’ll get in and out of the festival easily with the help of the free Metro Mover, Metrorail, Metro Bus, or Uber – the exclusive ridesharing partner of the Festival.

  1. Bags are allowed but they must be clear. This actually speeds up the entry process since it’s easy to see contents of the bags, so you can get to the party even quicker.

  1. The lights and lasers and pyro are just stellar, especially once the sun goes down.

  1. Awesome merchandise! Be sure to stop by the merch tent (and it’s air conditioned too!)

  1. A lot of DJ’s use Ultra to debut new tracks for the new festival season, so you can say you heard it in person there first!

  1. Being able to say “I was there” to celebrate 20 amazing years of Ultra Music Festival – priceless.