Snyder And Michael Eakins Team Up On Exhilarating Single ‘Underwater’

    If “Underwater” sounds familiar, that may make sense considering what type of TV/streaming you may be watching. Show Love Island USA picked up the release for S1E14 of the series, granting it much wider exposure to a quality, memorable tune. The moment was nothing short of validating for musician’s Snyder and Michael Eakins, who have a knack for working well with each other as this track proves. Smooth, colorful, and vivid sonically, Snyder provides a solid groundwork for Michael Eakins’ mesmerizing vocal. The combination going on here is easy to love.

    Fans have been waiting for more musical goodies from Snyder, who left them last with In The Dark album in February of 2021. Clearly he’s been cooking up some serious goodies and connecting up with solid release partners. Something tells me this is the start of a round of greatness coming from him.

    Snyder is no stranger to success, having performed alongside names such as Gryffin, RL Grime, Cheat Codes, Shaq (Diesel), Bryce Vine, Bonnie X Clyde, Chris Lake, 3LAU and so many others. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his story.

    Here is what Snyder had to share in relation to this work:

    “Michael and I are great friends that have been collaborating for the last few years, we made this one from start to finish in my home studio, we wanted a smooth summery energy that our fans could really vibe with. I love how it came out, and I play this during sets, on the beach, when I’m just chilling with my friends and we hope you guys do too.”
    – SNYDER

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