Unlike Pluto Puts Sensual Flip on 90’s Hit “No Scrubs” – Out now via Lowly Palace.

 “No Scrubs” by TLC. Unlike Pluto is a modern, sexy flip that listeners from all spectrums of dance music will not be able to get enough of this summer.

Its no surprise that Unlike Pluto is a global platform not to be recooked with.  Having initially supported the starlet’s cover earlier this year, the Youtube curator turned record label is taking things a step further by cementing Unlike Pluto as one of their endless many promising signings since their inception a short time ago. It’s creativity meeting innovation in it’s finest sense; While the original “No Scrubs” was more of a singalong geared towards fun and flirting, Unlike Pluto’s flip is sexy, sultry, and borderline NSFW. Here’s what he had to say about his newest release:
“We both love dark sounding stuff, and we wanted to take a classic song and deconstruct it. This cover turned out to be the perfect reflection of our combined artist styles.”
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About Unlike Pluto:
Unlike Pluto (AkA Armond) is a DJ/Producer/Songwriter from Atlanta, based in Los Angeles. Pluto began teaching himself how to play the piano at the age of 5. His obsession with music lead him to learn the guitar, drums, & for the heck of it, clarinet. Throughout Pluto’s childhood, he began navigating through different genres of music, starting with rock, country, folk, screamo, and most recently electronic/dance music. His experiences in all of these genres can be heard in his most recent releases, utilizing real instruments & classic songwriting techniques.

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