Unlimited Coolness at ShiverinG Ground Music Festival By Maddy Pertiwi For months we’ve anticipated the coming of the ShiverinG Ground Music Festival. Finally, on May 27TH we experienced the vibe live at Ecopark Ancol. The entrance line formed at seven p.m. Everyone was super excited. Various DJs, mostly Indonesian, debuted their tracks and new music all leading up to the performance of the night by the number one DJ in the world (according to DJ Mag’s Top 100 list), Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (DVLM). The festival featured multiple venues. One indoor arena called the Shiver Electric Cave was where TWRK, Pegboard Nerds and Ookay took the decks with a ravaged style and grace. Their performances were beyond words. Another indoor arena named GG Crystal Palace was where DVLM performed with MATTN, Dirty South, and Jay Hardway. Our first stop was the Shiver Electric Cave where local hero Pixiee was playing R&B songs. The crowd was into the performance and cheered often. The stage decoration included three giant LED screens and had props that made everything look like you were inside an ice cave. After half an hour, we decided to move to the GG Crystal Palace area. We crossed Ecopark’s bridge and walked by a small road with lights that lit up the night sky. The outdoor stage was huge and looked like an iceberg. A set of LED screens filled the main stage background right behind the DJ booth. Sponsors also brought booths with cool activities for ravers to partake in. Nice concept to have some fan interaction. Looking at the rundown, we realized it was Pegboard Nerds time to perform so we rushed back to the indoor arena. Once we arrived, everybody was dancing hard to Dubstep tracks. The crowd was thrilled to see Dirty South, who was next on our list of ‘must-see artists.’ Dirty South dropped his collaboration with Alesso and Ruben Haze called “City of Dreams” and the crowd went nuts. After Dirty South, MATTN performed next. MATTN dropped various anthems that made the crowd sing and dance even harder. ravermag_dvlm Now our wait was over. It was time for DVLM performance. However, to everyone’s shock only Dimitri Vegas showed up. Before he started his performance, Dmitri Vegas addressed the crowd and explained the absence of Like Mike who was sick and unable to perform. He asked the crowd to wish Like Mike well and recorded it through Snap chat. When The Hum was played, the crowd also sang along. As usual, the fireworks completed Dimitri Vegas’ performance of the night. The after party was also pretty legit. Everyone headed out to the Colosseum Club where LTN and Aly & Fila performed. The dance floor was packed with Trance lovers. Aly & Fila played for over two hours. Fadi Wassaf dropped uplifting Trance tracks that made the crowd come alive despite the late hour. After his performance, Fadi took the time to have a little meet and greet session with the crowd which is always appreciated by the fans. ravermag_dvlm_1   Overall, ShiverinG Ground Music Festival was very cool. The vibe created was a nice touch in an industry that is always looking for a new, fresh cutting edge approach to lure in a steady stream of EDM enthusiasts. That being said, the transition from one artist to the next could have been smoother and the sound system did cut out a few times. Overall it was an impressive festival with room to improve next year.     ]]>