VASSY by Michael Beas After an amazing night at LIV Miami shooting photos for VASSY, a certified Double Platinum Recording Artist, writer, producer, three-time #1 Billboard and two-time IDMA Award winner, we had a chance to catch up with her before her main stage performance at Ultra Music Festival. This is what she shared with us: Raver Magazine Your performance at LIV Miami was massive.  The venue was sold out and your sensational vocals were like never before. The crowd went nuts when you got on the decks with Tiesto. How was your experience with the Miami crowd? VASSY Everything happened rather quickly when I got to the venue. Tiesto came to me and said, “I want to start my set with you, is that ok?” I was like, “Sure, let’s do this.” Two minutes later I was on the stage singing with Tiesto ‘opening up with ‘Secrets.’ The experience was unforgettable. The crowd was amazing. It was the one year anniversary of ‘Secrets,’ which was such a success reaching #1 in thirty different countries worldwide. People connected and they started singing along with us.  I just found out the other day that the song has gotten over a million downloads. The new record with Tiesto that we also played at LIV has not been released yet. A little about the track – it has a bluegrass type of feel. It’s an anthem that most people can relate to.  ‘Bad’ did extremely well. It was the anthem of the year with over a billion streams, it went seven times double platinum, over two million downloads. That record did so well, and then to come out with ‘Secrets’ right after with two of the biggest DJs in the world is wonderful. ‘Bad’ was definitely the record that broke me into EDM music. Raver Mag. Tomorrow you are getting ready to perform with Tiesto on the Main Stage of Ultra 2016. You will be performing for a sold-out crowd that will easily top 75,000. What goes through your mind when you step up on stage? Do you get nervous? I can only imagine some of the things that you think about before such a performance. VASSY  It is going to be an amazing experience. So far I am pretty calm about it. Last night at LIV Tiesto was going on about how excited and happy to be performing and I was like, “Dude, you’re making me nervous.” We laughed and all I can say is that I am ready and also excited about what tomorrow will bring. The plan is that I start out singing acapella before the beat kicks in. You never know how the crowd will react; I am hoping that they will sing along with us. It would be funny if I start and no one sings along and there would be like silence or something, I guess that would not be a good sign, but hopefully that won’t happen. All kidding aside, hopefully that won’t happen and it will be like last night where everyone sang along with me and we can just multiply that by fifty. Raver Mag. So many vocalists look up to you as an inspiration. They see you as a success in a very difficult world. You have mastered the music world in many degrees. I always ask, What advice do you have that can inspire others to keep working hard to achieve their dreams and not give up or give in? VASSY That’s very sweet, thank you. I hope that I can be an inspiration to others, to encourage people to keep trying to achieve their dreams. I think that everyone has their path, so there is really no right or wrong way of doing things. For me, I go by gut feelings. I am still working on my own things. The collaborations are awesome, I have a couple more up my sleeve, but I always recommend that you be true to yourself.  Always push yourself to try and do something different, but don’t force anything. That’s kind of what I am doing for myself. At the end of the day if I just try to be myself things will work out. So far it’s been working out, so fingers crossed and keep pushing forward.  ]]]]> ]]>