Multi-platinum and award-winning music artist VASSY teams up with fellow Aria chart-toppers, Aussie producer duo Bonka for her latest dance-pop hit ‘CHASE’ out now via Robbins. VASSY’s collaboration with Bonka has set the artist up for her next dance chart-topping success. The single is a sultry and provocative upbeat record that brings out your inner demons enticing you to dance. Michael Beas – Founder and CEO of Raver Magazine had a chance to catch up with VASSY on the new track.
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This is what she shared up with us: 
We asked about the lyrics in ‘Chase’, the track is filled with an invigorating upbeat that digs deep into your inner demons that makes you want to dance, how did those lyrics come about?

Vassy says, “It’s about Your inner demons not being able to escape them feeling chased by them. It can be about anything whether it’s your inner Demons about love or addictions or fears or what not.”

That being said, what was it like working with Aussie producer duo Bonka to make  ‘CHASE’ come into existence? 

“It was great to work with them, in fact because of the whole quarantine thing and not being able to go back home to Australia it was good to work with them and reminisce about back home.”

Talk to us about working with Robbins, is this the first time working with them? And if not what was the experience like working with them for a second time?

No we’ve done a record before, this is our second one together and they are great they are my team and feel like family now!!!

We saw your billboards up all over Time Square, that must have been a fun thing to witness, what was it like for you?

“It was so cool, not many people can say that they have a billboard in Time Square and I was not in New York to see it but all my friends went down to take photos FaceTime with me and so on it was so cool.”

With things starting to open up again, what are your top three cities in the world that you are looking forward to performing at again?

“In the US? I just recently performed in Texas but I’d like to add to that list Vegas and Miami.” 

If you can sing with any other vocalist in the world who would it be and why?
“There are so many artists I would love to do duets with Bruno Marz would be one of them.” 
In conclusion, ‘if you are looking for a new track that is filled with heartfelt lyrics, pure raw energy that will take you to a place that you never want to leave, then ‘Chase’ with Vassy and Bonka is the track for you.’ Download, Stream, Play and Click Repeat, ‘Chase’ will not let you down.’ Full Support from us at Raver Magazine