Expanding the vibrant sounds of Austin, Texas from coast to coast Vincent Antone is a funk aficionado who fuses a tapestry of genres to create a sound entirely his own. Former keyboardist, guitar player, and songwriter for Resonant Frequency and current guitarist for the critically-acclaimed jam band Mamafesta, Vincent Antone is the artist’s most raw alias to date. Unapologetically himself, “No Turning Back” is the lead single and namesake track to his forthcoming EP due for release Tuesday, February 18. Rich with swing and luminous grooves, “No Turning Back” is a shimmering listen drenched in a swagger reminiscent of Pretty Lights while remaining entirely individualistic. The multi-instrumentalist furnishes the tune with his expansive knowledge of interconnecting melodies to curate a listening experience that is resourceful and multi-faceted. A genuinely impressive cut from the rising producer, “No Turning Back” is irresistibly witty and an impressive first look into the impending EP.