R&B starlet V’Nessa returns with her new anthem, ‘Trust In You’. At only 17 years old, the London-based artist is establishing herself as one of the hottest rising talents in the global music scene. Finding inspiration from real-life experiences, this independent songstress wants the globe to feel connected to her empowering music because it speaks the truth.

Sweet, summery vibes set the tone for a track that drips emotion and surprising depth from such a young artist. V’Nessa showcases emotional maturity and a refined skillset that is sure to turn some heads.

Sharing her thoughts on the track, V’Nessa explains, “The track was written over a period of 5 hours. I had a concept in mind which was in relation to losing trust in someone you love very much. I told my producer I wanted a Rihanna type of beat to go with my idea. And he was able to put something together that gave me the opportunity to express my true feelings and experience on the track.”