Weltmusik & Asomnia Release Heights Ft. Sarah Camille

    Following its stunning debut in Nora En Pure’s Purified 300 stream from The Exumas, French production duo Weltmusik team up with fellow French artist Asomnia for Heights featuring Sarah Camille.

    Crafting a captivating atmosphere from the very first beat, the producers interlace melodic and progressive sounds around Sarah Camille’s mesmerizing vocals. Showcasing its elegance and power in Purified 300, Heights is a masterful creation with a timeless feel. 

    Constantly searching for the perfect balance between digital and acoustic sounds, Weltmusik have spent the last few years building a reputation with their pristine productions. With different musical backgrounds, the pair call upon a wide array of influences, ranging from rock to classical and techno to house. Embarking on their collaborative journey in 2017, the duo signed their first EP in 2018 to Nhyx’s label, Pavillonn. This release solidified their foundations and helped to define their artistic line and signature sound. After several releases across different imprints, they signed Aksor to Get The Sound Records in 2020, marking a pivotal point in their project and helping to push their names further into the scene.

    Combining organic sounds with deep electronic synths, Asomnia is a French DJ and producer that focuses on crafting emotive sonic environments that exude a dreamy atmosphere. Signing to Suprematic, Kosa and many more, he has also hosted events in Paris in locations like Fluctuart, Berliner and Ground Control. Captivating audiences with his majestic sets, he played at Stone Van Brooken’s debut Fragmental event in June 2022. With his latest collaboration with Weltmusik, the artists make their highly anticipated Purified Records debut and leave listeners wanting more from where Heights came from.

    Inspired by every musical genre, from Queen to Aznavour, Sarah Camille grew up in a family where music was at the core of life. Learning to play the piano at fifteen years old, she began to cover songs by her idols, including Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. Gaining recognition for her hauntingly beautiful vocals, she began working with her cousin Asomnia, adding her unique touch to his electronic creations in perfect harmony.

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