We’re Ready for the ‘Roo’! – Bonaroo 2019 

By AmberLynn Anderson

As festival season is now in full swing and lineups are dropping left and right, it’s no surprise Bonnaroo reigns supreme yet again with their lineup! But who’s really surprised here? Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, held in Manchester, Tennessee will come to life yet again come June 13th until the 16th! I can’t wait to be home; ‘Roo’ always has this way of reviving me. With headliners such as Grand Ole Opry, 3 sets of Phish, Post Malone, Cardi B, and Odesza this year’s lineup is definitely the most versatile I’ve seen by far! Watch out Illenials – Illenium is also headlining, this is not a drill! In my opinion, it’s a well-deserved spot on the roster as well as Odesza’s spot, these two producers have definitely been making waves and changing the game and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for 2019! K.Flay, G.Jones, Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers, Childish Gambino, and Zhu are definitely some acts I’m looking forward to this year as well. The lineup just dropped so seriously guys, go and take a look, there is something there for everyone’s palate.

Now before you start planning for the trip, here are some things you might should jot down: it’s extremely hot in Tennessee especially around that time of year, be sure to pack a lot of water and a cooler full of food, dry ice can be placed in the bottom of your cooler to keep ice cold and things fresher. Bonnaroo does have showers on site but with a fee, so it’s easier (and cheaper) to pack your own, PACK A FAN, seriously it’s a lifesaver guys! You should also invest in a canopy for your campsite; the heat from the beating sun when you’re hanging out at your camp can be a bit miserable at times. I can’t stress out how much of an importance it is to bring a Camelback, Bonnaroo drains you of energy and water! Always pack for rain, but rarely will it there, fingers crossed! So that’s’ sunscreen, fans, water, food…and oh yeah comfy shoes, you will walk and walk and walk and walk. It’s a great place to lose weight, even if you’re not trying.

Aside from a great time, there are a lot of different activities to do everywhere you go! In my opinion, camping is just the way to do it. It really makes the experience, the friendships you make and late nights when the music dies sets the tone. From yoga, to 5K runs, or even art installations to check out, you can’t stay bored here. Oh hey…did I mention there is an air conditioned comedy tent and a water slide? There’s also a mushroom water fountain and it really does the trick! As tradition, ‘Roo’ has a wall that surrounds “Centaroo” where you can leave your mark before entering the festival! Last but not least, something that is very important to me when it comes to festivals is sustainability. This year, Bonnaroo is setting the standard in just that, they want to share greening practices for North America concert events. Every $1 from tickets they sell goes to the Bonnaroo Works Fund, you can go to the website and see last year’s sustainability report too! Seriously guys, get on grabbing your ticket and I’ll see you on the farm!