What is the Ultra Passport?

Houston We Have Reach Mission Control…

 By Michael Beas


I had a chance to stop in and check out the new Ultra Passport office during day two of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Like with all loyalty programs festivalgoers can redeem points for attending the different events throughout the year. I for one found the staff to be more the friendly and helpful. They helped me download the app and they gave me a quick 2-minute tutorial on the benefits of being part of the full on Ultra experience. The sleek office made me feel as if I was in some high-class lounge royalty program at the Hilton. The welcomed AC was also an amazing break from the blazing sun and humid rain drenched air that was scorching outside. In short, I met some amazing people, both on the staff and fellow ravers attending the event. The cool break was worth it to me and the application is something that will surly keep me up to date while adding points to what I consider to be one the greatest festivals in the world. 10 Thumbs up and we highly recommend it to all!

Here are more details on the Ultra Passport Advantage.

The Ultra Passport is the loyalty program for Ultra Worldwide events. Basically the points are earned by attending events (not by merely purchasing tickets). You will redeem points using our special Ultra Passport technology, debuting at Ultra Music Festival 2017 in Miami. Unlike some traditional loyalty programs, points are not exchanged for anything. Points are used to progress to a passport level and benefits are based on your passport level only. Exact offerings per passport level are coming soon, but you can expect the following: Exclusive access to early bird tickets (before those that have never been to one…

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