Who are you most excited to see here at Bonnaroo?

“I’m pretty excited to play. I got to see some friends play yesterday, and I’m excited to see Rufus Du Sol.”

Who do you look up to?

“Not anyone, in particular, I try not to do that. I try to be excited and influenced by a lot of other different people in totally different fields. I think if you aspire to be as good as only one person you will only ever potentially be almost as good as them. If you aspire to different aspects of many different acts and artists and genres and sounds you can come up with your own totally unique thing to get your own feel.”

What is your most cherished piece of work?

“The album I just did. I locked myself in a basement for a year and a half to make it, so it was a very intense and therapeutic experience.”

How do you deal with mistakes on stage?

“You kind of pay no attention and keep going, because you on stage know that you made a mistake but people in the crowd maybe not so much. You can turn a mistake on stage into more of a moment of truth. There’s a DJ technique called a “set breaker” and I used to use it all the time in Australia. They’re just on fire and everyone is in this motion, and everything is happening. Deeply when they’re all playing a set around the same BPM, and it all just flows. Sometimes you get so hyped they intentionally cut the music out, just so you have a moment of a reset. Then they hit a hard cue of the dopest moment of some big song. That’s just a good example of doing a mistake intentionally to reset everyone.”

Any favorite remixes of one of your songs we should check out?

“I love this remix Noisia did off of my EP, “Divide and Conquer” and really took it to a place that I imagine they might.”

Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists?

“Definitely spend a lot of hours learning the thing you think you wanna do and many different aspects that you’re not even sure about. Like if you’re doing music, immerse yourself in creating videos and doing photography. Have creative and collective people around you at all times in all different fields to be inspired by each other, and help each other out. Be as unique as you possibly can be, cause that’s what’s really gonna make you give you some sort of value in this crazy world. If you’re just replicating what’s in at the moment then you’re probably not gonna get a whole lot of attention because there are people that are already doing that exact same thing at a very high level.”

Photo Credit: AmberLynn Anderson