By Alison Scherer

Freaky Deaky Festival 2021

The times were rough and bizarre as the anniversary of the dreaded pandemic transitions into the reawakening of festival season. The electronic pulses in the EDM community ebb with excitement and relief in our veins and slowly but surely the ways of the wooks, dubsters, technos, and all of our beloved members of the raving family are making a wondrous return. With an outstanding opening to #firstfestivalback by Disco Donnie at Ubbi Dubbi in Ennis, TX, the online forums have exploded with news of big-time names coming back into action, such participating in the line-up of the much anticipated second half of Freaky Deaky. Held October 29-30, 2021 at the Houston Raceway in Baytown, TX, tickets have gone on sale for early bird access and already the SOLD OUT message streaks across the media, imploring the remaining plethora of interested parties to prepare for the next wave of spots for the taking. Get your tickets HERE NOW!

Who are we excited for? The wretchedly mesmerizing psytrance DJ Infected Mushroom, metallically symphonic Sullivan King (oh how the fans will roar with his triumphant drops!), the wonkified return of Dirt Monkey (and we cannot express enough gratitude for his visually satisfying set at Ubbi Dubbi!), LSDream for those that want to have the psychedelic experience without the substances, and so much more! Deadmau5 performed a classically gleeful show at the Texas Motorplex for the parking event, yet fans are stricken with infectiously ravenous desire for a closer experience for our beloved legend of house.

A safe approach, understandably, the parking raves were considered. However, to make a comeback with the traditional means of connecting with your fellow neighbors on the dance floor, out in the collected assortment of colors from fellow flow artists around the states and the world – this is the way music was meant to be experienced. And this is how Deaky will be sure to properly portray him in October. Here’s what my partner in crime, Will the Chill Thrill has to say to how hyped we are for the event:

“I’ve went to Ubbi Dubbi both year, but never made it to Freaky Deaky and the lineup this year has me stoked. I mean…Zed’s Dead? Excision? Flux Pavillion? They were some of the first artists I ever listen to back in High School that got me into EDM! I’ll never forget the first time I hear the Zed’s Dead remix to Eyes on Fire. Or Existence VIP by Excision and Downlink. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for them. All it took was one look at the lineup this year. Say less I’ll see you there.”

So, there we have it. The relentless buzzing of glee for our much-missed idols. We’re waiting for what you have to offer us. We expect material to compensate for our lack of festivity last year and we all know you won’t disappoint.

Check out the trailer from the 2019 edition of Freaky Deaky below!