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Read Below Full Cover Story Raver Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with the Dutch Duo W&W at Label Night Club in Charlotte, NC. The crowd was insane as the worked their way into a sold out crowd that pack the house waiting to rave the night away: Michael Beas, CEO of Raver Magazine had chance ask DJ/Producers Willem van Hanegem & Ward van der Harst few questions before their set. Here’s what they had to share with their fans:  
  1. So many people follow you guys, either through the different social media channels or on tour. That being said, you’ve come along way since your first track Mustang. If you can offer one piece of advice to those who read the magazine or watches the video, what would that be?
  ravermag_w&w_nhantran We never expected it to be like this, especially when we created ‘Mustang,’ our first track. We never thought we would get signed. We were doing it for the Love of Music, for the passion and the drive to create. We figured that if we worked hard and always tried to make our music better things would fall in line for us. And really that is the key for us. To always strive to make our music better. If there is a better mix a better DJ set we want to adapt and make that part of our music.  
  1. I’m sure you guys get thousands of tracks a day that get sent into you. Aspiring DJs Producers hope, beg almost for you guys to take sometime to listen into their music. How do you filter that out?
  That’s really the issue. We like and want to hear every track that gets sent into us. We don’t want to miss a demo that could be great. So we literally take our time to listen to everything that comes into us. Like we are listing to a new track from someone really young from Germany that has a ton of talent. So, the essence of what we want to capture is all things that come to us because you never know, there is that one great track out there that we don’t want to miss out on.  
  1. That being said, do you only listen and look for the music? Or are you looking for the whole package that comes along with it?
RaverMag_w&w_NhanTran_2 Honestly we only listen to the music. We really don’t focus so much on who its from but rather the music because after all we are doing this for the Love of Music and that is the true heart of what we want to hear when selecting a new track.  
  1. What else is in the line up tour wise for W&W?
  Right now we are booked solid for the entire month of August straight up till September. Which is exhausting but a great thing none the less.  
  1. Any new tracks coming out for W&W this month?
  We just released a new track a few hours ago and are planning on dropping it tonight. That’s always fun for us. We like to check out the vibe and the crowd as they hear new W&W music.

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