Exclusive Interview with Raver Mag.  

by Michael Perlman and Shayna Rotatori

 A new rave movement is on the rise, and W&W are the ones responsible. Their new concept is meant to reshape the dance music experience for the most passionate ravers and marks the beginning of a new movement and label: ‘Rave Culture’.


Listen to W&W– Rave Culture


A new music video has launched to magnify the impact of Rave Culture and its first release, which hints towards a possible collaboration with an electronic dance music legend in the foreseeable future.

As a label, Rave Culture builds on – and rebrands – the initial idea of Mainstage Music, but with a stronger focus on creative freedom. In addition to keeping an open mind toward many different sub genres of electronic dance music, the label will release music from artists such as W&W NWYR and Maurice West, incorporating the main-stage sound into the bigger picture.

W&W: “With our song ‘Rave Culture’, we wanted to answer the call of many fans about making a song that went back to the golden era of Bigroom, somewhere around 2012 and 2013. We took that sound and tried to create an updated version with today’s production standards.”

During this year’s edition of Amsterdam Dance Event, on October 19, Rave Culture is hosting a free launch party for fans at Club Nova. Fans can expect performances from W&W, Maurice West, D-Block & S-Te-Fan and a few other special guests. Make sure to join the movement by following @RaveCulture on Instagram.

Raver Mag got a chance to catch up with the guys, this is what they shared up with us.

Tell us a little bit about NWYR?

-It’s basically what we started with.  He (Ward) and I (Willem) were doing music and we went to ASOT 300 and said let’s do a trance song together, but it was not serious at first.  We sent the track to Armin and we didn’t even have a name, so we said “lets see, Willem and Ward, how about W&W, and it was a horrible name! Armin asked the name of song as we said Mustang.  So we sent Armin the track, he played it and that’s basically how we started.  And W&W was not serious to us, it was just a “Thing”.  But from the start W&W has always been about songs that make the crowd go crazy.


How’s the life being you guys/DJ’s? People think that “Oh I’m a DJ, it’s the best life in the world”, but it glorified?

-It IS glorified. I mean tonight (this set) is going to be amazing, but there are very high high’s and very low low’s.  So that’s the life of a DJ basically. And you see a lot of guys that don’t like it and can’t handle it.  And with this year the whole mental health issue has been brought up a lot.   But it’s a good thing because its always been something that no one talks about.  And don’t forget that being a DJ these days is not just about being a DJ on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You’re a producer Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  You make a radio show on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  And then on Friday you travel.  And your traveling from one side of the world to the other side of the world.  And jet lag, jet lag IS SERIOUS. 


It must be great knowing that you have people who love you and follow you, what is the experience like? 

-Every single time when you’re really down and have no energy, and you go on stage, you see everybody, they bring out the best in you.  Its what keeps us pushing forward. 


Do you still get nervous before shows? I mean not for this right (a small show) vs. when you go on those humungous main stages? 

– Not exactly nervous.  But still the smaller shows I get more nervous than the bigger shows except things like Ultra and Tomorrowland because its broadcasted, it’s live.

One thing is to play in front of a main-stage at Tomorrowland with 100,000 people, and its another thing to do a live-stream in front of 5 million people. I’ve watched you live from New York, it has to be nerve racking. How do you both handle the pressure ?

-No, you shouldn’t lol. If you do that then every knob is like “oh no, I shouldn’t have, ahhhhhhh…”.  You just focus on the crowd there and the show and the people and then hopefully all comes together and it radiates through the rest of them.

 Yea but your good at what you do.  So you know what you’re doing? 

Yea but like I said if someone tells you that 100 million people are watching your music I still think, holyyy shhhh.


So where did NWYR come from?

-A lot of people were talking about how “we miss this or that sound from you” , the trance cross-over sound we did from 2009-2012.  We had said yea, were done with that but still would make that sound once in a while.  The fans kept asking for 5 years and we finally said OK, were feeling good and we have a lot of songs lined up for W&W and we know what we want to do with W&W so lets do something purely for them.  And the fact is we can do this because our fans are still supporting us, so lets just do something for them.  We also had a lot of songs that we couldn’t release and play.  And the name took us a long time to come up with.  We thought “new year, new beginning”, something new.  So that’s where it all started and we said let’s do both of our projects so that people that go to see W&W will see that side of us.  This will have both bigroom and trance lovers like us.


And where did “Year of the Dragon” come from?

-Year of the Dragon is because were both born in 1988, the Chinese year of the dragon.  And we both love dragons.  He(ward) is major into fantasy, and I’m into fantasy too.


Bonus Question:  Any Dragon tattoos?

-No, but actually I should get something, maybe a big dragon head on my back, lol.


by Michael Perlman and Shayna Rotatori