Formed by producer Richard Mowatt as an outlet for projects outside his best-known-for, from Young Parisians’ debut single the act swiftly accrued a cult following.

    Adding to that no end was their catalogue, which – over the course of 20 years – held at a tightly curated three releases. It wasn’t the quantity that counted though, with at least two of them (‘U Write The Rules’ and ‘Jump The Next Train’) growing to become minor electronic music classics.

    In the summer of 2021, almost out of nowhere, the Young Parisians recorded and released again, adding a fourth to the discography. Featuring the highly accomplished vocals of Katherine Amy, and 14 years after their last, they re-materialized with (the perhaps appropriately titled) ‘Rediscover’.

    That track has now passed into the remix hands Norman Doray and Dsnt Matter, who’ve taken an already highly original release in some stunning new directions.

    For his part, Norman Doray catches the more uplifting and openhearted aspects of Katherine’s song and runs with them. Riding on rolling drums, a temperately grooving bass and equally warm & embracing note arrangements, his mix highlights the new beginnings/second chances aspects to her song.

    On his mix, newcomer Dsnt Matter kicks the tempo up a notch and allows some moodier tones to enter its fold. He zeroes in on some of the underlying uncertainties inherent in Katherine’s tale, applying more of a Progressive House filter to the track.

    With its feet equally placed in two dancefloor schools of thought, Young Parisians’ ‘Rediscover’ – The Remixes is there for the streaming from today and available now via this link.

    Check it out via the YouTube link below!


    01. Young Parisians & Katherine Amy – Rediscover (Norman Doray Remix)
    02. Young Parisians & Katherine Amy – Rediscover (Dsnt Matter Remix)

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