Exclusive Interview with Harparam and Ashley Sandhu of SKN H2O

One of the most annoying issues we find as ravers is not finding enough ways to hydrate when we are partying at a festival and or an event. Time and time again we are looking for ways to water up so that we can party on. Sure the festivals will give us the “FREE” water at the almost impossible water stations or we can buy a bottle of normal water for 10+ dollars to hydrate but does it really help? I mean surely some water is better than no water at all but in the end, does it really help? We looked to answer that question and the reality is that there isn’t really a product out there that truly gets the job done.

That is until now! SKN H2O is unique and different in that it will literally give you the right balance of vitamins and nutrients you need to keep going no matter how dehydrated you are. Without a doubt, Harparam and Ashley Sandhu, the couple behind SKN H2O, have revolutionized the water industry with a groundbreaking new concept on how we drink water and get back the energy that we need to keep the party going. Best of all it helps your skin in the process.

While SKN H2O is not currently at festivals soon you will be able tostock up and get it ready for the next fest or the next event you are planning on attending this year.  For more information check out this interview we had with founders, Harparam and Ashley. They get 100% support from us and I know that you will agree when you give it a go this year.


People in the Rave Community, not only party hard but they also party smart. All of us want to stay fit and healthy what does your water bring to the rave that can help us before, during and after the rave?

SKN H2O is the next generation of bottled water. We call it “Hydration Evolved”. SKN H2O provides much-needed Antioxidants from Resveratrol, for a complete hydration experience: before, during and after the rave. SKN H2O will allow you to be fully immersed in the rave experience while keeping you energized, active, hydrated & a faster recovery after the fun is over.

What can guys and girls expect from SKN H2O to ensure that they look their finest during an event or party? Are there special ingredients that you use in SKN H2O to boost skin health, help people get that special glow?

SKN H2O is not just an ordinary bottled water it’s a source of the most potent antioxidant in the world! Antioxidants provide numerous benefits including repairing the daily wear and tear in your body, keeping your skin healthy and glowing, helping you recover faster from any physical activity or hangovers. SKN H2O will not only keep you hydrated and moving on the dance floor but with its powerful antioxidant properties will keep you looking youthful and radiant. SKN H2O water contains Resveratrol & Pterostilbene, the most potent antioxidant known to mankind.

You are a couple and you are working the business as a team, seeing that this is a dance magazine, what music do you both listen to together, don’t be shy either we want all scenarios, gym, cooking, working, etc. How does music unite you both as the team and powerhouse that you are?

Ashley and I, we are an entrepreneurial couple with a lot of responsibilities and very little downtime for ourselves, so we try to make the best out of what we get. You might find us dancing or singing during breaks or in between meetings on the tunes of The Prodigy, Skillex, or Scooter just to name a few, trying to enjoy life while working hard to achieve our goals as one unit.

With so many business ideas and so many successful businesses that you to have been a part of in the past, I have to ask – how was it that you became passionate about water?

Water is essential to life! Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Majority of the American population is chronically dehydrated. When we looked around, we found just simple waters bottled in fancy bottles. With our backgrounds in Skincare, nutrition, and medicine we wanted to provide our consumers with the next generation hydration. A water, which not only hydrates your body but repairs your body and skin. After extensive research and testing ingredients from all over the world, SKN H2O was created.

Once the product is launched are you looking to add a street team or brand ambassadors to help get the word out to the community?

SKN H2O is a result of extensive research and knowledge. It’s a result of mine and Ashley’s passion to do something good for people. We would definitely be looking for like-minded and passionate people to be a part of our team as team members or brand ambassadors, in order to help us spread the goodness of SKN H2O.