by Chad Downs – Raver Magazine

Now on single 2, YVNG JALAPENO keeps the good times rolling when it comes to ample teases ahead of his EP release date. His EP is signed to Jauz’s Bite This!, a dynamic label which features plenty of top-shelf sounds revolving around house and mid tempo. The EP will total 4-tracks and certainly has variety across each one of them. Just comparing “Lunatic,” to “Losing Myself,” shines light on the very different vibes this artist is capable of, the former being nothing short of a banger while the ladder is more soft and melodic.

Yet, all of his music falls neatly under a fitting umbrella easily digestible to fans and very event/festival ready, to say the least.

 “Lunatic,” is shaping up to be one of the grandest tracks in terms of sheer force and intensity, this one carries some serious firepower the weak-willed should stay far away from.

With 2 tracks not yet revealed, but this single set to be the last before the full reveal comes April 30th, YVNG JALAPENO shows insane capabilities in the ferocious song.