Corren Cavini Returns to Purified Records with ‘Ghosts’ EP

    Making a monumental label debut with his Melancholy Party EP earlier this year, Dutch sound designer Corren Cavini returns to Purified Records with his two-track Ghosts EP.

    Stream / Purchase: Corren Cavini – Ghosts EP

    Conjuring a poignant atmosphere, the title track showcases Corren’s artistic mastery as he balances a variety of textures and elements to achieve a hauntingly beautiful soundscape. Calling upon classical instrumentation, flurrying synths and deep basslines, Ghosts is a captivating cut that has been striking a chord with audiences in sets around the globe. Rolling into Triple Taxation, Corren invites listeners into a cinematic realm, reaching great heights with encompassing pads and melodic fragments.
    Born in Haarlem, The Netherlands, Corren Cavini (Corné Kamminga) took his first musical steps at a young age when he began to play the guitar. Sparking an ever-growing passion, he found a love for collecting music, and was soon led to the world of DJing. After making his club debut at fifteen years old, it wasn’t long before he started experimenting with the production side of things. Exposed to his homeland’s rich house and techno scene, he cultivated his signature sound under the alias Corren Cavini.
    Over the years, his sound has been shaped by the constant presence of emotion, harmonic tension and warmth, which helped put him on the map as one of the most prominent talents in his genre. Incorporating inspiration from modern art and cinema, he strives to tell stories that are close to his heart through his craft. His progressive ethos sets him apart with tracks and sets that take a vibrant approach to house and techno, while remaining true to his underground roots. Chartering releases on prestigious imprints such as DAYS like NIGHTS, This Never Happened and Purified Records, he also gains support from A-list acts including Eelke Kleijn, Lane 8, Nora En Pure, Tinlicker and more.

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