Noetika Debuts on Subcarbon Records with ‘Mind Control’ EP”

    Subcarbon Records is excited to introduce “Mind Control,” a groundbreaking EP from the Chicago-born, Denver-based bass music artist Noetika. This release marks his debut on Ganja White Night’s renowned label, Subcarbon Records. “Mind Control” features a collection of four meticulously crafted tracks, each offering a glimpse into Noetika’s distinct sonic universe, where complex rhythms and immersive soundscapes meld to redefine the boundaries of bass music.

    The EP kicks off with “Boomerang,” a track that captures attention with its mesmerizing bassline that pulses and retreats, only to surge back with greater intensity. Following this dynamic opener, tracks like “Real Badmon” and “Front2Back” weave together haunting melodies and robust bass, creating an enveloping atmosphere that is both eerie and enthralling. The journey culminates with “Infamous,” highlighting Noetika’s skill in blending intricate textures and deep, resonant tones to craft an intimately expansive soundscape.

    Noetika’s innovative approach has garnered the support of industry giants like GRiZ and Zeds Dead, showcasing his growing influence within the bass music community. With “Mind Control,” now available for streaming on all platforms, Noetika invites listeners to delve deep into his musical psyche, promising an unforgettable auditory experience that cements his place in the evolving landscape of electronic music.


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