DJ Speir’s Review: “Your Love” by Fab Massimo & Tim Light – Pure Fire from Country Victoria

    When it comes to tech house, you might not immediately think of Country Victoria as the epicenter of the scene, but Mason Flint, making his debut on EXCEED, is here to prove that great music knows no boundaries. With “Your Love,” a collaboration between Fab Massimo and Tim Light, Mason Flint has crafted a track that not only lives up to its promise but sets the dancefloor ablaze with its infectious energy.

    “Rock The Party” – A Sonic GuaranteeFrom the very first beat, “Your Love” lives up to its promise of rocking the party. It’s a sonic journey that combines rolling drums, a funky bassline, shuffling hats, and a vocal that implores you to get up and groove. The infectious rhythm and lively groove are undeniable, making it impossible to resist the call to dance. “Your Love” is not just a track; it’s a sonic invitation to let loose and enjoy the moment.

    A Stellar Addition to the EXCEED StableEXCEED has consistently been a label that delivers high-quality music, and “Your Love” is no exception. Mason Flint’s debut on EXCEED is a testament to the label’s commitment to showcasing talent from all corners of the world, including unexpected places like Country Victoria. This track adds to the label’s reputation for releasing pure fire on the dancefloor.

    The Last Beatz: “Your Love” – A Blaze of EnergyIn the world of tech house, “Your Love” by Fab Massimo and Tim Light is a pure firecracker. Mason Flint’s debut on EXCEED is a testament to his talent and the vibrant music scene that’s emerging from unexpected places. So, when you hear “Your Love” playing, don’t hesitate to join the party and let the music take over. It’s a track that’s bound to set your night on fire.

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