Kilimanjaro Breathes New Life Into Mia Moretti’s “Piano De La Selva”

    In the ever-evolving landscape of global music, it’s rare to come across a piece that seamlessly marries diverse musical traditions with the contemporary sounds of the electronic music scene. Moretti’s third single, “Piano de la Selva,” does just that, offering a heartfelt tribute to “The Queen of Bullerengue,” Petrona Martinez. The track has been given a fresh lease of life with a vibrant remix by the talented DJ and producer Kilimanjaro, known for his unique blend of Afro-centric influences and Western electronic beats.

    Kilimanjaro, born in the UK with Zambian heritage, proves to be the perfect artist to undertake this remix. His ability to fuse the organic and pulsating rhythms of traditional Bullerengue with the high-octane energies of the electronic music world has resulted in a track that not only pays homage to musical traditions from across the globe but also sets dance floors alight with its infectious energy.

    “Piano de la Selva” is characterized by its lively vocal chants, hypnotic melodies, and organic percussions – elements that Moretti was particularly drawn to in her production. Kilimanjaro introduces a new layer to this rich tapestry with the inclusion of Afro-house beats, a hallmark of his style. This combination enhances the original track’s cultural depth while adding a dynamic, dancefloor-ready appeal that surpasses many remixes we’ve seen to date. Upon its release, this remix promises to leave no corner of the room still.

    The single features a captivating sample from “Bobby,” a song by Petrona Martinez from her award-winning album “Ancestras,” which earned her a Latin Grammy in 2021 at the impressive age of 82. Martinez’s inclusion in “Piano de la Selva” (2023) through Chaco World Music further solidifies the track’s tribute to her illustrious career and the enduring legacy of Bullerengue music.


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