Daktyl and Benni Ola Drop ‘Family Ties’ for a Raver’s Paradise: Embracing Chaos and Connection

    In a world where beats collide and creativity knows no limits, Daktyl and Benni Ola are unleashing pure vibes with their mind-blowing EP, ‘Chaos Theory (Part 2).’ This dynamic duo, famous for pushing sonic boundaries, is back in action with ‘Family Ties,’ the second single from their epic project, ready to drop on September 29th, thanks to the magic of TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records. ‘Family Ties’ is an electrifying fusion of punk, jazz, and drum n’ bass, embracing the eclectic ethos of the Chaos Theory series.

    Daktyl and Benni Ola have promised that Chaos Theory (Part 2) will be a journey into uncharted sonic and emotional territory, and ‘Family Ties’ lives up to the hype. This track dives headfirst into a whirlwind of punk rock energy infused with jazzy chords and intricate broken beats, leaving ravers in awe of its unique blend.

    Benni Ola, the voice behind the EP, is a true Renaissance soul. He’s not just about singing; his artistic talents span songwriting, spoken word poetry, modeling, and acting. On the flip side, Daktyl is a music production wizard with a decade-long catalog that explores the nooks and crannies of electronic music. When these two powerhouses collide, magic happens. Their collaboration is all about authenticity, resulting in art that hits you right in the feels.

    ‘Family Ties’ kicks off with a rebel guitar riff, twisted by a cascade of feedback, setting the stage for an emotional rollercoaster. When the beats drop, Benni’s mesmerizing vocals take over, delivering lines like “Hot shit / Good stuff / Almost there / Still not enough,” igniting a fiery energy that flows through your veins. The track throws a curveball in the chorus, as drum n’ bass basslines rumble, shaking your soul to the core. Benni’s vocals momentarily step back, letting Daktyl’s instrumental prowess shine. In the bridge, Benni passionately belts out, “Family Ties…realize I don’t mess with you guys, I don’t mess with you guys / Ain’t gonna lie… if we had to stand our ground, no, I don’t mess with you guys, I just roll with my crew, my crew.” His lyrics dive into loyalty, energy, and power – the kind of vibes that resonate deep within the beats crafted by Daktyl.

    As Daktyl and Benni Ola put it, “This song is a trip. It’s chaos. It’s what’s left after the boom…the beauty in the breakdown and the raw connections that endure. That’s what family ties are all about. The things you’d go all-in for.”

    ‘Family Ties’ is the electrifying second chapter from Daktyl and Benni Ola, giving you a taste of the epic adventure awaiting you in the Chaos Theory (Part 2) EP, dropping on September 29th. Ravers, brace yourselves for a full-body experience because this EP will take you on a ride through the spectrum of sounds. Get ready to lose yourself in the beats and embrace the chaos and connection that define the heart of this musical journey. 🌟🎶🔥

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