Dancefestopia Gears Up for Another Kansas City Takeover

    By Allison Scherer

    The time is upon us – Kansas City has been dominated by the deadliest riddim/dubstep champions. No mercy for those brave enough to set foot upon the soil of Dancefestopia this September, 2023. Legends like Subtronics, Sullivan King, and SVDDEN DEATH promise to wreak much anticipated havoc upon the stage and this year’s line up leaves bass heads with bewilderment, shock, and awe. Could such a beautifully merciless schedule of top tier power-stricken DJs exist in one beautifully packaged bundle? As I’ve recited once before at my first SVDDEN DEATH “VOYD” set (ah, to experience it yet again would be a ravenous desire too greedy in it’s own nature) in frenzies of bug-eyed fascination: “is this allowed?”.

    There is an artist I oh so relish in the idea of witnessing before my very own eyes. An artist that acted as the first few sprouts of baby raver fever. A tangling opponent to my growing obsession with Skrillex back in the times of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. If I witness my tracks of repeat: “Tourniquet” “Rage Valley” “Power Glove” and my personal favorite “Micropenis” (I semi-kid, as it is a fine piece but not quite to the attachment I feel towards this) “Begin Again” – I might simply faint in pure ecstasy for I’ve been HUNTING for Knife Party for years to return to my life. Only once before (as my first official rave) was I aiming to see them, only to be tragically ripped away due to some misfortunes before witnessing my Australian dubstep heroes. Destiny has granted the chance of filling that deprived experience. Not to mention my love, my life, (I’ve lost count of seeing) Zomboy will be making his appearance. And history itself is enough proof to promise an epic, rail demolishing experience.

    Yes, yes indeed. This will be an unforgettable year for the ragers. This once in a lifetime opportunity simply cannot be missed. Here’s to the EDM warriors wearing their trophy neck braces. 

    If you have not done so yet, be sure to grab your tickets NOW before they sell out! Click here!

    Still on the fence? Check out the Official AfterMovie below and run – don’t walk. We’ll see you ravers in Kansas City!

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