In the wake of the celebrated success of Eater‘s June-released EP, “Invader,” Subcarbon Records is thrilled to announce the return of the rising Italian producer, who, in a synergistic collaboration with the vibrant Thai.Oh, unveils their latest sonic venture, “Isolation.” This collaborative EP signifies a harmonious blend of both artists’ unique sonic identities, culminating in a groundbreaking auditory journey. “Isolation” promises to be an exceptional fusion of creativity and innovation, with each track showcasing the duo’s prowess in crafting an immersive, bass-driven soundscape. Standing as a testament to both artists’ collaborative genius, “Isolation” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

    The EP opens with “Drifting,” a track that immediately ensnares the audience’s fascination with its intricate sonic instrumentation and spellbinding vocal cut.Seamlessly weaving an irresistibly catchy rhythm with a trap-infused zest, the track defies listeners to resist its magnetic pull. The title track “Isolation” immerses the senses in a supersonic odyssey, distinguished by its luminous drops and agile tempo transitions. It lays a rugged foundation for ethereal vocals that soar above, painting a vivid picture of the paradoxical pursuit of isolation against a backdrop of dynamic beats and spirited lyrics, epitomizing the duality of seeking solitude with a vibrant undertone.

    Demons” artfully marries the ancient charm of flute melodies with the fervent pulse of contemporary dance music. The song ascends to dizzying, rapid-fire drops, only to tenderly draw listeners back in with its captivating lyrics, offering a soul-stirring pause amidst the exhilarating journey. “Leaving” intricately balances reflective melodies with a forceful rhythm, crafting an atmosphere that is at once empowering and tranquil. It captures the bliss of casting off the shackles of the past to embrace the future with unbridled enthusiasm.

    Together, Eater & Thai.oh deliver an EP that  is a vibrant mosaic of emotions, a tribute to electronic music’s capacity to articulate the deepest themes of human experience. “Isolation”  stands as a bold declaration of sonic innovation and an exploration of the emotional spectrum. This EP extends an invitation to delve into the essence of solitude and the euphoria of freedom, framed within a collection of tracks that promise to be as introspective as they are exhilarating. By uniting their creative forces, they beckon listeners into a realm where the essence of trap melds with melodious harmonics, forging an unforgettable auditory odyssey. 


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