Effemar Joins LABRNTH’s Growing Catalog with Deep Progressive Vocal Single “Catch Your Breath,” Featuring SJ Lawrence

    Cutting-edge new label LABRNTH puts out their second release with Effemar and the Swiss duo’s “Catch Your Breath,” featuring SJ Lawrence. The track is a deep progressive gem that packs some serious emotional punch, with moody melodies and soulful vocals that are bound to induce goosebumps. Effemar‘s seamless production carries the listener from the track’s groovy undertones and uplifting synth lines to its deep breakdown, making “Catch Your Breath” both a dancefloor-friendly and meaningful sonic journey, which will also find its way to radio airwaves across the globe. Effemar‘s debut on the label comes after LABRNTH‘s launch earlier this year in January with “Darkness” from Fancy Inc and Chemical Surf. “Catch Your Breath” proves that LABRNTH is off to a strong start, so stay tuned for more fresh new music!

    The song is about how life comes to a standstill when you lose someone you love for the first time. In moments of silence, my thoughts dwell on what they meant to me and what’s now missing in my life. They taught me things no one else could, but I’m appreciative of their influence in my life.” – Effemar

    The Swiss-bred duo formed of Doane Allan and Julien Grosjean emerged on the scene in late 2020. Their first single – “Deep Sea” released on the German label Selected, got its first 3 million streams within a month after release. Their next two singles “Saturday Night” and “Needing Space” repeated the fate of their predecessor and got several million streams in no time. As Effemar‘s sound and concept developed and the number of streams in total surpassed 25 million, they launched their own imprint label Aube, where the duo kept on releasing both vocal and instrumental tracks. Apart from collaborating with talented vocalists like Nina Carr or Swedish Red Elephant, the project’s now-signature feature is recording the vocal parts themselves. This is how “Needing Space,” “Voyage” and other songs were born. The Swiss artists have been performing live at venues around Lausanne and other picturesque spots of their homeland, keeping their concerts discrete and intimate. In 2022 the duo hit another milestone in their story by releasing their single “Ocean” on San Holo‘s independent label bitbird. This immersed the project into an active artist-friendly community and only consolidated Effemar‘s position in the scene. Later this year, the duo consistently released several singles on their imprint, which ensured their debut appearance on the Spotify cover of the main electronic playlist “Electronic Rising” apart from regular placements in the same playlist and others: Lowkey TechAfterhours and Chill Tracks.

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