Golden Features Releases New Single ‘Flesh’ and Announces Sophomore Album ‘Sisyphus’

    Australian electronic producer Golden Features has unveiled his latest single ‘Flesh’, marking the first glimpse into his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Sisyphus’, set to release on July 7th. Released under the Foreign Family Collective and Warner Music Australia, ‘Flesh’ showcases Golden Features’ avant-garde genre-bending style, with experimental and off-kilter tones that have become synonymous with his music.

    ‘Flesh’ is a dramatic and daring track that captures the industrial essence and rave aesthetic inspired by Golden Features’ experiences in Berlin’s club scene. The song features hypnotic melodies and thumping basslines, creating an immersive and intense musical journey. As the fourth track on ‘Sisyphus’, ‘Flesh’ represents Golden Features’ rebellious and innovative nature as an electronic music maverick.

    In describing the track, Golden Features shared, ” ‘Flesh’ was one of the earlier demos from the album’s writing process. It was a direct response to my time in Berlin and a song that encapsulated everything I fell in love with on my journeys. I wrote it trying to express feelings of being under the weight of an 8-hour session in the rave. Overstimulated, anxious, and completely terrified of facing the real world outside. Finally gathering the courage to call it a night, experiencing the surreal shift that is walking out of a windowless dungeon into a beautiful sunrise.”

    Accompanying the release of ‘Flesh’, Golden Features has also announced his forthcoming album ‘Sisyphus’. The album serves as a reaction to the mental struggles and creative anguish he faced in the years following his debut album ‘SECT’ in 2018. ‘Sisyphus’ explores the philosophy behind the mythological figure Sisyphus from Greek mythology, symbolizing the repetitive tendencies of the human condition.

    Golden Features elaborated on the album, stating, “Sisyphus is a record born out of a need for change. After years of touring the same music, I found myself in a place where I was jaded and had lost the excitement that propelled me into creating music in the first place. I think this is natural when you exist in a space for any extended period of time.”

    The inspiration for ‘Sisyphus’ came from the pre-pandemic nights Golden Features spent in sweaty, intimate Berlin clubs, reconnecting with underground electronic music. The album sets the tone with three innovative singles: ‘Touch’, ‘Vigil’, and ‘Endit’, the latter of which was recently featured on the official F1 23 soundtrack. ‘Sisyphus’ pushes the boundaries of Golden Features’ imaginative and dynamic sound, taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

    Golden Features further explained, “I made the decision to get back to what got me into electronic music in the first place. I flew to Berlin and was raving four nights a week, only stopping once COVID hit and we had to fly home. Those nights out were pure euphoria. Lining up for hours at clubs I didn’t know if I’d be let in, to see DJs I didn’t know, playing music I’d never heard. Dancing with strangers we met in the club. No phones, no photos. 5 am sessions back at the apartment trying to find the music the DJ had played. I was a fan again and came home with broader horizons, completely re-energized.”

    After an impactful return to the stage last year, supporting ODESZA’s The Last Goodbye Tour and headlining official afterparties across North America, Golden Features is set to embark on a new slate of summer tour dates in North America, including a performance at Electric

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    Pre-Order Sisyphus

    Golden Features invites fans to join him for a euphoric experience with ‘Flesh’ and pre-order Sisyphus here

    Sisyphus Tour Dates

    June 16 – The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA

    June 17 – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA

    June 22 – Barboza – Seattle, WA

    June 24 – Electric Forest – Rothbury, MI

    June 30 – Smoke & Mirrors – Chicago, IL

    July 1 – Elsewhere Rooftop – Brooklyn, NY

    July 7 – Kingdom – Austin, TX

    July 8 – Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON

    July 14 – It’ll Do – Dallas, TX

    July 15 – Discopussy – Las Vegas, NV

    July 21 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO

    July 22 – Sunbar – Tempe, AZ

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