Channelling classic hard house bounce sounds and the bass lines of speed garage and speed house, US producer Haus Of Panda also manages to throw tech-house, old-skool rave and even a dash of breakbeat for good measure in ’90s Thang’, an eclectic, popping track that sounds for all the world like it overdosed on e-numbers, in the best way possible.

Ditching the affected ‘cool’ of much modern-day electronica – which so often tries to shrug on the mantle of ‘I’m Not Bothered If You Like Me Or Not’ – Haus Of Panda goes all in for the dance floor jugular with this one, absolutely embodying the original irreverence of legendary labels like Tidy Trax or Trotters’ Independent Traders. There’s not a corner of his production that doesn’t smack of energy, not an ounce of rhythm that doesn’t deliver you to the nearest podium, potentially glowsticks in hand.

Fans of the Panda will not be surprised by the sheer force of his production. Since 2017 he’s been known for his hi-nrg sounds and had his tracks aired on Diplo & Friends and SiriusXM, where he’s caught the attention of heavyweights Tommie Sunshine, Alan Walker and Tiësto. Building on previous singles ‘Punk’d’ and ‘The Power’, going back to the sound of classic rave with ’90s Thang’ seems to be propelling Haus Of Panda forward to new heights.

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