HEDEGAARD and Matt Hawk Deliver Another Epic Car Music Release With “Hood To The Hills.” Out Now on OneHundred/Spinnin’ Records

    Danish star HEDEGAARD has quickly become a household name for his unique and heavy-hitting style known as “car music,” and his newest release – “Hood To The Hills,” might be his best work yet. He teamed up with fellow Danish producer Matt Hawk for the track, having previously worked together on their recent single “OneHundred.” It takes no prisoners with its blend of low-tempo EDM, featuring ominous undertones, reverberating basslines, and rhythmic urban vocals that make it exemplary of the “car music” genre that both HEDEGAARD and Matt Hawk proudly pioneer. Whether through your whip’s speakers or on the club dancefloor, “Hood To The Hills” is bound to heat things up. Read on for what the artists have to say about their newest collaboration.

    Matt and I had so much fun doing our recent single ‘OneHundred,’ that we decided to do one more together, right away. Matt has recently released several tracks in the ‘Car Music‘ genre, which were created using samples of classical music, an idea I thought was extremely inspiring. We agreed to do a track together in that style, combined with my more recent cinematic bass-driven sound and some motivational hip-hop vocals. I am very excited to present our result to the world.” – HEDEGAARD

    Hood To The Hills‘ represents a collaboration built on a shared passion for the deep and dark ‘Car Music‘ genre. This time, we decided to do a more grandiose approach while still keeping a focus on making the song catchy as hell. I feel the cinematic aspects of the sound we ended up with has added a fascinating dimension to our joint universe; I am extremely proud of this single, and can’t wait for people to hear it.” – Matt Hawk


    Since the release of an unofficial remix of Dr. Dre‘s “The Next Episode” in 2011, introducing the audience to HEDEGAARD‘s unique sound, he has produced several of the biggest Nordic hits in the last decade, generating more than – mindblowing – 1.4 billion streams across streaming platforms. “Happy Home” with Lukas Graham and “Twerk It Like Miley” with Brandon Beal and Christopher, are just a couple of the major hits HEDEGAARD has released and produced over the past years, resulting in several #1 all over the world. Before recently, turning his focus back to the clubs. On the singles “JUMANJI” and “SA-MY-D,” he returned to the rap-club fusion he invented years ago, which led to his big breakthrough and earned him the undisputed title in club music as the “King of Car Music.” The release of the single “All Designer” had a global impact, with #1 positions in Southern Europe, the Baltics, and China, followed up by the single “JEEP” as the first release under a new multi-year artist and label deal with the world’s leading label in club music, Spinnin’ Records, which included the launch of his own record company OneHundred, with a focus on developing artists releasing music in the globally trending Car Music genre. With the release of the single “NYC BABY” and the localized version “BEIJING BABY” – released exclusively in China – he took the top spot once again on the weekly QQ Music EDM Chart. Later on, the single took second place on the quarterly version of the chart for the entire Q2. The follow-up singles “BORED,” “The Ones We Lost,” “INFERNO,” and “OneHundred” became HEDEGAARD‘s 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th top 20 entries in a row, underlining his status as the hottest EDM artist in China. That status was recently further substantiated by enormous viral attention on the Chinese social media Douyin, where HEDEGAARD accepted a remix challenge from the influencer Sander Kole, resulting in an 8-minute video that has generated more than 80 million views and +3 million likes. In a genre dominated by ghost production, HEDEGAARD ​​is a 100% self-made artist, first and foremost being a naturally gifted musician who turned his focus towards DJing – in that order. In 2022 and 2023 he has generated more than 1 million streams per week on Spotify. The reward for his work not only comes in the form of impressive streaming numbers but has also resulted in nominations at award shows. HEDEGAARD has previously won several DMA awards, DJ and Club Awards, and as the top nominee at the Club Awards 2024, in five categories, and with a big share in a nomination in a sixth category, the feat is second to none in Denmark. The HEDEGAARD story has only just begun, and with his international contract, new tours in Asia and the US, and a huge festival summer ahead, he is taking his career to the next level in 2024.

    Matt Hawk

    The 33-year-old art director from Aalborg started dreaming of a music career in his teens when he began mixing styles and genres in his creation of new and unique productions. Today, his dream has come true, and he is producing hits with Denmark‘s biggest DJs. In collaboration with HEDEGAARDMatt Hawk has produced and released the single “SA-MY-D,” which is closing in on 8 million streams on Spotify alone, while their joint remix of the rap classic “Ni**as in Paris” has passed the 4 million stream mark on the platform. Among friends, Matt Hawk is known as the geek and a master of coherence. He tears songs to pieces, only to put them back together in all kinds of creative ways – which has given him a special weapon as a DJ: The ability to mix club vocals with hip-hop beats – an original approach, which ensures his audience a big party. He is energized by the unknown. A constant curiosity and the untamable urge to create means that he is, again and again, combining that which has never been combined before. On the single “SYMPHONY,” he reworked Beethoven‘s classic “Symphony No. 5,” generating an output that contains a magical combination of Nate Dogg-sounding vocals combined with all the best elements from the heavy club universe of the Car Music genre. The single debuted on the weekly QQ Music EDM Chart in China as no. 21 and has amassed more than 4.5 million streams on Spotify since then, reaching 1 million streams within the first 40 days in the market. The follow-up single “GANG GANG” was also built on a Beethoven sample from the classical masterpiece “Für Elise,” while the single “HABANERO” contains a sample from “Habanera” by George Bizet, from the legendary opera “Carmen.” The latest single, “OneHundred,” which was created with his label buddies HEDEGAARD and CANCUN? is created without the use of samples. The single reached 1 million streams within the first 20 days in the market and became Matt Hawk‘s first top 20 single on the QQ Music EDM Chart in China, debuting as no. 17. He brings genre clashes to the stage and loves to create contrasts and new, never-before-heard combinations. This makes it impossible to place him within simply one genre. He lives for experiences and for creating them for his audience through music. His dream is to geek out on music and share his journey with the audience. In 2024, this dream becomes reality, when MATT HAWK steps onto the international stage, thanks to his deal with the record label OneHundred.

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