Hexic Makes Subcarbon Records Debut With 11-Track Album, “Archetype”

    In the vast tapestry of musical narratives, few unveil with the mesmerizing depth and ingenuity of bass artist Hexic’s debut album with SubCarbon Records: Archetype. For those attuned to musical landscapes bursting with imagination, the 11-track collection isn’t just an auditory treat; it feels like an entire journey, akin to watching a film unfold.

    At the outset, Archetype throws open its gates with the intriguing “Sales Pitch”. Serving as more than just an opener, it paints the inaugural strokes of what becomes a masterpiece of storytelling. Then comes “Cookin’ With Hexic”, transporting listeners to an ethereal kitchen, bubbling with inventive beats. It is here that one feels the depth of Hexic’s musical prowess, each beat serving as an ingredient in his sonorous feast.

    Tracks like “Menagerie” and “Gangsters” aptly showcase the versatility Hexic brings to the bass genre. While “Menagerie” encapsulates a chaotic, bass-saturated realm reminiscent of an animated zoo, “Gangsters” weaves narratives of mischief and rebellion. It’s all about duality – the mesmerizing deepness of the bass and the high-flying whimsy of the narratives.

    Not to be overlooked, “Private Eye” and “Workplace Safety” resonate with enchanting tempos and tongue-in-cheek humor, epitomizing Hexic’s signature playfulness.

    Yet, what stands out the most is the sheer audacity of tracks like “Talent Show”. Set against the unlikely backdrop of Sunny Skies retirement home, it presents a delightful paradox, juxtaposing powerful basslines with quirky narratives. Following suit, “High Seas” and “Steampunk” further accentuate Hexic’s talent, captivating listeners and ensuring that the sonic odyssey remains unpredictable till the very end.

    Hexic’s journey through Archetype culminates with “Bedtime”, a beautifully crafted conclusion, subtly hinting at more adventures awaiting listeners in the near future.

    Beyond its individual tracks, what makes Archetype a standout is its breadth. It’s a testament to SubCarbon Records’ tradition of championing groundbreaking creativity. Supported by the renowned Ganja White Night, the album signals a pivotal moment for both Hexic and the bass music realm, merging sonic diversity with immersive narratives.

    For those unfamiliar, Hexic remains a paradox. Emerging from the shadows, he stands as a beacon in electronic soundscapes, blending sounds and genres with a wizardry few can emulate. His commitment to his craft is evident in every beat, every bassline, and every story told. And while he might jest about not writing his own bios, his music speaks a language that transcends the need for words.


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