Lost Prince Unveils Melodic Bomb, “Honest (ft. Undrwvter),” From Forthcoming EP

    In the realm of dance music, certain artists stand out not just for their talent but also for the ethereal quality they bring to the genre. One such prodigious name making waves once again is the enigmatic producer Lost Prince. In a shimmering comeback to the music scene, he has graced fans with “Honest (ft. Undrwvter)”, a track that promises to be more than just a sonic treat – it’s a journey through the intricate landscapes of electronic music.

    This fresh release comes after Lost Prince’s lauded September rework of Illenium’s “Starfall”, and it’s his most notable contribution since 2021. But what truly piques interest is the anticipation it builds for his upcoming genre-bending EP ‘Exile’. As a harbinger of the eclectic sounds that await in the EP, “Honest” brings a delightful amalgamation of melodic techno, house, and other nuanced genres, offering listeners a tantalizing preview of what’s on the horizon.

    Dive into “Honest” and you’re greeted with a pulsating kick drum and a cascade of intricate synths, immediately creating a magnetic pull. With elements of classic house infused perfectly, there’s an unmistakable rhythm that beckons to listeners. As the melody unfolds, it takes on a progressive edge, slowing down just enough to let every note breathe, allowing audiences to immerse themselves fully. This track isn’t just crafted for the dancefloor; it’s equally suited for those introspective moments when one wishes to lose themselves in music. And as the vocals make their appearance, it’s clear – Lost Prince has orchestrated an audio masterpiece, oscillating effortlessly between high energy beats and tranquil melodic valleys.

    Lost Prince isn’t just about the music, though. He’s an experience. Since his 2021 debut, the artist has blurred the lines between nightclubbing, fashion, theatre, and opera, creating a multi-sensory extravaganza. His spontaneous street performances in Athens have made headlines, and industry titans like Axwell have not only supported but also collaborated with him, housing his music under the revered Axtone Records label.

    As we gear up for 2024, there’s an electrifying buzz in the air. If “Honest” is any indication, Lost Prince’s ‘Exile’ promises to be a musical odyssey that fans won’t soon forget. The visionary artist, with his theatrical twist on electronic music, continues to enthrall, reshape, and elevate the soundscape, making him a name to watch, hear, and feel.

    For those yet to experience the magic of Lost Prince, “Honest (ft. Undrwvter)” is available on all streaming platforms. Dive in, and let the sonic journey begin.


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