MitiS Shares New Single “Wish You Were Here” Ahead Of Third Studio Album “Unity”

    Electronic music aficionados, brace yourselves for an aural odyssey that promises to resonate within the very core of the dance music scene. Ophelia Records’ prodigious talent, MitiS, has announced the upcoming arrival of his third studio album, “Unity,” an opus that is already shaping up to be a beacon for lovers of emotive electronic beats and gripping melodies.

    Three years since the triumph of “Lost,” an album that not only topped the iTunes Dance/Electronic charts but also captivated over 20 million Spotify streams, MitiS is set to elevate his musical narrative with “Unity.” In celebration of this much-anticipated announcement, MitiS has gifted fans with the second single from the album, “With You Were Here,” a collaboration with the on-the-rise Los Angeles-based rock outfit, Beauty School Dropout, currently on their 26-date “Ready To Eat” Fall 2023 U.S. Tour.

    This track serves as a precursor to the enchantment that “Unity” holds. MitiS himself has shared his personal affection for “With You Were Here,” citing it as one of his favorite creations and highlighting the reintroduction of heavy dubstep elements that many fans have yearned for. Coupled with Beauty School Dropout’s vibrant execution, the track becomes a testament to the emotive and powerful music MitiS is renowned for.

    The anticipation for “Unity” is not just about the tracks it encompasses, but also about the transformative live experience MitiS has teased. Known for his melodic prowess, MitiS hints at the addition of live piano elements into his performances, suggesting a new layer to his already rich soundscapes. This move is not just a step towards sonic evolution but also a stride towards offering fans a comprehensive and immersive journey that transcends the typical DJ set.

    With cities like San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and more on the radar, the MitiS experience is set to unfold in a manner that’s both fresh and intimately familiar. The “Unity” album is not just another collection of tracks; it’s a multifaceted exploration of sound that promises to bring listeners and live audiences alike into a unique sonic domain.

    Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready, for “Unity” is not just an album; it’s a movement, a symphony of electronic and live elements orchestrated by MitiS, set to redefine what it means to be truly immersed in the world of dance music.


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