Nora en Pure was a Pure Delight in Dallas

    By Allison Scherer

    It’ll Do’s stage was complemented by deep house artist, Nora en Pure, in Dallas, TX one beautiful Sunday afternoon – and what a treat her performance left with her adoring fans. Speaking amongst such idiozers of this oceanic queen of comforting house resonated awe similar to how one may react towards a Hans Zimmers cinematic brilliance. Individuals such as a miss Ashley Rose, thank the artist for “the music she’s created for the zen” and remarks on how she “listen[s] to her when she meditates”. Pieces such as “Us” and “Tears in Your Eyes” touched the hearts of Miranda Rose and Aaron Hunter in personal connections and distant understanding for the struggles of moving away from personal sense of self and transitioning into independence. Whilst some of these delighted listeners held favorite titles at the ready, there lie people like Vo – fan of 8 years – who simply could not “settle for a single track” as anything and everything produced by Nora en Pure was spectacular and visionary.

                For the experience itself, it was so incredibly wholesome seeing the almost permanent joy decorating her features. With an infectious smile and brief moments of humored chuckles – she strikes as a creature of admiration and adoration for every soul present in the pulsating glows of the club’s room which I find truly to be remarkable. To capture not only the elation of the crowd but the artist herself is a delight in its own nature. She represents the sole essence of comfort yet with a twinge or twinkle of familiarity. Experiencing Nora’s rave embarks the listener on a journey of blanketed assurance with a few hiccups of daring submersion. The aura sang colors of “gold”, “white”, “transparent”, but even more so “blue, blue, blue”. I had the curious urge to go about and ask what colors were perceived in the midst of the moment and it was symbolically agreed – Nora created an oceanic canvas of Carribean in the midst of a Texan dance floor, granting us a taste of deep sea waves in her own fashion. Yes, this oceanic queen held the baton for her – our – theatrical excursion into the elegance of nature and serene comfort for the moments at hand. 




    One can only wonder what struck her with motivation for such waves of comfort. What is she thinking as she smiles amongst the crowd? I hope such peace felt through the sounds of her works are just as much felt in her own well being. 

    In the words of a wonder-struck Jennifer, 

    “Thank you for being beautiful.”

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