Pagano Ignites the Dance Floor with Electrifying “SCOOP” EP

    Italy’s luminary artist, Pagano, has once again taken the electronic music scene by storm with his latest 3-track EP, “SCOOP”. This new release follows the phenomenal success of his chart-topping single “Panta Rhei”, which was initially part of the prestigious Tronic’s Rockets VA series and later released as a standalone single due to its immense popularity.

    The title track, “SCOOP”, is a masterful blend of classic House music vibes and modern Techno rhythms. Pagano intricately weaves an inviting organ sound into the track, creating a nostalgic yet refreshingly contemporary anthem. The two accompanying tracks, “Zelig” and “Dichotomy”, continue in this vein, embodying Pagano’s trademark style. These tracks combine robust grooves with sharp, piercing stabs, creating an irresistible pull to the dance floor. The EP is a testament to Pagano’s skill in crafting melodies that are not only seductive but also imbued with a profound Techno essence.

    Pagano has a unique ability to intertwine different sub-genres of electronic music, resulting in tracks that resonate deeply with audiences. His expertise in blending house and techno with his own spin on classics has earned him immense respect in the electronic music community. The “SCOOP” EP is another step in his journey to captivate audiences and cement his status as a versatile and masterful composer.

    Emerging from Italy and now based in the UK, Pagano has earned a reputation for his seamless fusion of house and techno. He has held high-profile DJ residencies at iconic clubs like London’s EGG and TRADE. His talent has graced stages at renowned venues worldwide, sharing line-ups with stars like Nina Kraviz, Mark Knight, and Dennis Ferrer. Beyond his DJing prowess, Pagano is a celebrated producer with releases on labels like TRONIC, TOOLROOM, and PACHA. His independent venture, KISM Recordings, launched in 2015, showcases his production talent, attracting attention from giants in the industry.

    Pagano’s tracks have consistently charted globally, making notable appearances on Billboard and Beatport. His influence extends beyond the clubs, with his music featuring on major radio programs and dominating digital music store charts.

    Pagano’s “SCOOP” EP is a vibrant journey through the realms of house and techno, a testament to his enduring passion and talent. With this latest release, Pagano continues to share his cherished music with enthusiasts worldwide, promising more electrifying performances and groundbreaking productions in the future.


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