RIP Kenny Continues ‘Escapism’ Rollout With New Single “Thought I Knew You”

    At the heels of his previous lead singles “Letting Go” and “Lost,” Oregon producer RIP Kenny returns with the third single to his forthcoming Escapism album. A balanced blend of high-intensity dance music and contemporary metal, “Thought I Knew You” takes on a punk persona while RIP Kenny simultaneously stays true to his pioneering dubstep sound. The track flaunts grimy digital soundscapes camouflaged well enough to blur the lines between electronic and organic production. A more rock-centric offering than its predecessors, “Thought I Knew You” is a grimy cocktail of divergent sub-genres and their unsuspecting interconnectivity. Walking a tight rope between punk, metal, and dubstep, “Thought I Knew You” is another exciting glimpse into the story of Escapism.

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