In an exciting blend of international talent, German DJ and producer, Rival, joins forces with Whales from Israel and the up-and-coming Salvo, unveiling their latest masterpiece, “Odd One Out”. Following the acclaim of Rival’s “Bloodmoon” with Ophelia Records, this fresh release reinforces his place as one of the driving forces in the contemporary music scene.

“Odd One Out” captivates right from the start, with Salvo’s emotive vocals harmonizing perfectly with a stirring piano melody. It’s a track that delves deep, exploring themes of despair and rejuvenation. Rival’s expertise is on full display, blending a variety of musical nuances, from compelling bass rhythms to intricate synth patterns.

In tandem with this release, Rival is set to drop something special for fans: “INTRODUCING RIVAL”. Debuting on YouTube on September 8th, this live set offers a rare glimpse into the breadth and depth of Rival’s craft, ensuring an unforgettable experience for listeners.

The buzz around Rival continues to grow, and with each release, he sets the bar even higher. “Odd One Out”, now streaming on Kannibalen Records, is a testament to this artist’s potential and his undeniable impact on the global music landscape.