Sam Silver and Hefna380 Drop Hip-Hop Doused Single, “Choppa”

    In their latest collaborative endeavor, New York City-based DJ and producer Sam Silver joins forces with vocalist Hefna380 to unveil “Choppa.” Following the resounding success of Silver’s captivating hip-hop doused masterpiece, “Witness,” featuring the remarkable talents of whiterosemoxie, A$AP ANT, and Corey St. Rose, “Choppa” serves as Silver’s debut release on the esteemed Do Not Duplicate Recordings. With an extraordinary ability to seamlessly merge the realms of hip-hop and electronic music, Silver’s distinct production style takes center stage in “Choppa,” delivering an unparalleled and multifaceted listening experience that transcends the confines of conventional genres. Unwavering in his commitment to forging his own unique path, Silver firmly establishes himself as a standout artist within the electronic music scene, showcasing a sound that sets him apart from his contemporaries. “Choppa” out now and available to stream across all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

    “Choppa” gracefully emerges, exuding an irresistible and enchanting aura as Hefna380’s refined vocals seamlessly intertwine with the tapestry of the track. As the production unfolds, a thrilling momentum takes hold, amplifying anticipation with each pulsating beat. With an electrifying beat drop, “Choppa” ignites an infectious fire that envelops the senses, submerging the listener in a captivating fusion of bass-driven elements. Demonstrating remarkable versatility, Sam Silver skillfully navigates through a range of tempos, expertly curating an exhilarating hip-hop anthem that leaves an indelible imprint upon the listener.

    With “Choppa”, Sam Silver amplifies his resonant impact on the dance music landscape, illuminating the scene with his ever-growing stature. Demonstrating an unparalleled ability to craft soundscapes that transcend genres, Silver firmly establishes himself as a dynamic force to be reckoned with. As anticipation mounts for his forthcoming endeavors, listeners can expect nothing short of a testament to the brilliant artistic vision and unwavering commitment that define Silver’s remarkable talents in pushing the boundaries of electronic music. With each subsequent release, Silver ascends further, leaving an indelible imprint on the dance music scene and solidifying his influential and groundbreaking position. The future gleams with undeniable promise for Sam Silver, and “Choppa” resoundingly signals the exciting journey that lies ahead for this extraordinary artist.


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