Something out of the ordinary has been shaking in Siskin Land. Three months, a three-single-run and an ever-greater definition to their sound has shone the light bright on Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton’s collective work.

    Today, ‘Villaneve’ and ‘Electric Love’ are joined by a third single for Black Hole Recordings, the deeply affecting and soul-touchingly beautiful ‘Never Alone’.

    The track is another Siskin release that goes out of its way to put texture ahead of tenacity and substitute the thematically obvious for something – musically speaking – more involved. Its song hints heavy at emotional estrangement, and a love – if not quite unrequited, then certainly far from firm.

    Perfectly in step with ‘Never Alone’s song, the pair construct a coolly persuasive trance-progressive frame to mount it on. Pulsing with bass and elevated by melody, harmony & pianoforte, it exists in its own stylistic space. Authenticity of feeling running through ever strand, it speaks no end to the extraordinary production synergy Suzanne and Sue share.

    Progressive in every sense of the word, ‘Never Alone’ is out now and available through all good sales and streaming outlets. Find it here .


    01: Sisken ‘Never Alone’ (Original Mix)

    02: Sisken ‘Never Alone’ (Extended Mix)

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