Slowz Releases Debut Album ‘Digital Love’

    Slowz’s acclaimed brand of future soul and moody poptronica has garnered him a multitude of fans around the globe since its inception back in 2013. Earning a wealth of international recognition following a slew of successful single, remix and EP releases over the past decade, Slowz now presents his debut, 13-track album Digital Love on his own imprint Purple Glowz in collaboration with revered Brooklyn-based imprint Peace Bisquit. 

    Out now, the gifted, French multi-hyphenate once again tackles his favorite themes of love and relationships on this inaugural LP, with an international cadre of evocative guests and creative co-conspirators such as J.O.Y, Senpu, Belle Humble and Angus Field. Digging deep on his musical influences, Slowz’s fresh collection of records presents an amalgamation of textures ranging from R&B, funk, pop and electronica with a succinct and engaging style.

    Taking center stage on Digital Love, Slowz showcases a breadth of musical talent and deft production skills throughout. Highlighted by selects such as the melodic electro pop winner “One Night”, featuring Australian singer-songwriter Angus Field (formerly of AYA J); the song effortlessly captures the infectious nature of Slowz’ creative synergy and sublime hooks.

    Another standout, “Your Option” is a collaboration with the extraordinary, alt-soul and pop vocal talent J.O.Y. The dynamic duo manages to evoke an energetic and thoroughly engaging synth-wave juggernaut, cementing Slowz’s newfound era with more catchy hooks, lyrical stylings and nuanced production techniques. 

    “Lay My Head” finds Slowz sounding bold and joining forces with esteemed U.K. singer-songwriter Belle Humble (“Cracks” “Gold”) on an ’80’s-soaked slice of feel-good electro pop coupled with a triumphant message of perseverance and breaking free. With Digital Love, Slowz continues his foray into stylistically re-imagining 80’s-inspired riffs through his soundtrack obsessions, and with cuts like “Nostalgia”, we’re treated to a chunky slice of mid-tempo electronica with alluring daft synths.

    Slowz’ vibrant mood board is quite evident on such soundscapes as “Hazard Lights.” This tune in particular is a shamelessly cinematic, midtempo electro ballad that aims to seduce. Its hooky refrain and guitar contributions by frequent Slowz collaborator Cyril Nadj, maintains the pulse of a thriller. 

    Slowz admits, “I started to work on ‘Digital Love’ a couple of years ago. Until now, I didnt really feel legitimate to call my releases ‘an album.’ I lacked the knowledge and techniques and Ive been constantly dissatisfied until I started to work on this project.

    “In 2020, I remember I was watching Season 3 of the TV drama, Élite – and the 80’s vibe of the soundtrack, the colors and art direction blew my mind. I was like, This is what I want to do for the future of Slowz. I want to produce like Im writing an original soundtrack for a teen movie! ‘Digital Love’ could be a whole soundtrack to a TV series. That was part of my main inspiration.” 

    That desire to create reached a fever pitch a couple years back when the world came to an unexpected stand still – indefinitely. Slowz concedes, Like many people, I was able to finally take the time for a few months and watch videos of all the guys whose music I liked. I wanted to know how they produced. It became an obsession. Ive listened to artists like Oliver, Chromeo, Breakbot and more since I was 15 years old, so I have always been deeply influenced by this bit of retro vibe they carry. I felt it was the time for me to do it – but in my way. I really feel like I learned from the best making this album”.

    He says, ‘Digital Love’ is an album I hope youll listen to while youre driving, watching the sunsets, partying with your friends or making love. During joyful times, yes;  but to also provide a bit of hope during sad ones too. For the first time as an artist, I managed to fully interpret whats on my mind and in my heart musically. I could not be prouder of ‘Digital Love.’  I hope youll feel it.”

    Slowz is an industrious producer and songwriter who has ushered an impressively wide spectrum of projects over the last decade, including for the likes of Sia, Laura Mvula, Lizzo, SOFI TUKKER & Amadou Mariam, Idina Menzel, nelick, Macy Gray, Mystery Skulls, Jody Watley, Nowadays Black Label , The Red Hot Organization, Blush’ko, Pure Shores, Arthur Baker and Ultra Naté. Revealing an ever-broadening musical palette with artful urgency, the producer’s flourishing resume represents nothing but progression and authenticity, as he prepares to enter into dance music’s upper echelons. 

    Slowz – Digital Love LP is out now via Purple Glowz:

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