T-Mass and Subsurface Throw It Back to Old-School Future Bass Sound with New Single “Hypnotize.” Out Now on Dim Mak

    Longtime friends and producers T-Mass and Subsurface finally team up for the first time for their new release “Hypnotize,” a sonic gem that throws back to the old-school sound of future bass and showcases both artists’ signature styles. The track sets the stage with soulful vocals and sparkling xylophone melodies, then melds with a rising percussive bassline into a groovy, euphoric drop and chorus. It’s the ability to weave elements of trap and dubstep with vibrant, feel-good melodies that has put T-Mass and Subsurface on the map as producers at the forefront of future bass and dance music. This collaboration took place a long time after the two artists met in 2017 in Italy at LOVE ELECTRO! Festival, and the track was born earlier this year when Subsurface sent an old song idea to T-Mass, who immediately was inspired and created a whole new version. “Hypnotize” follows T-Mass‘s recent remake of “Somebody’s Watching Me” from this fall.


    T-Mass is an EDM trap legend and a real-deal FL studio wizard from California. He first started off as a Discovery Project winner for Insomniac but has come very far since. Some songs, including multiple official remixes for the Chainsmokers and Illenium, have multi-millions of plays. His extensive catalog across the internet has accumulated over a billion views. In recent times, T-Mass has returned in full force, stepping into new slices of EDM, creating phonk and house rhythms. Within a couple of months of his return, he’s already releasing music on some of the most prestigious labels, including Trap NationNo Copyright Sounds (NCS), Dim MakTrap CityTribal Trap and more to come. T-Mass is known for making entire songs in single sessions. He’s played shows all over the world, including AustraliaChinaCanadaUSAItalyIndia, and at festivals, including Global Dance and Beyond Wonderland, to name a few. Although T-Mass has an interest in multiple genres of EDM and has a current phonk focus, heavy bass, and a wild show are guaranteed.


    Coming from Northern Italy, is a young bass music duo. Their sound can be described as a mixture of dubstep, trap, and future bass, heavily influenced by names such as SkrillexThe ChainsmokersDJ Snake, and Zomboy. In late 2015, they had their breakthrough on Moshbit Records with their first single “Mr. Magician,” featuring Leanne Louise. Before starting 2017 with their first gig outside Europe in Peru, they released a remix of The Chainsmokers‘ single “Paris,” which was featured on Trap City and hit more than 5M streams on YouTube alone. Other remixes and originals followed with a total amount of more than 20M streams on all platforms and supported by industry heavyweights. A few years later, they performed in several different countries like RomaniaSpainSwitzerland, and others, having a full schedule with over 40 shows per year. By winning the DJ contest at the major European festival Electric Love Festival twice in a row, they prove that they are not only good producers, but also know how to handle crowds at festivals and club shows, being joined on stage by acts like NERVO and LMFAO.

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