Whales Drops Highly-Anticipated Album “Two Worlds Apart” & Announces Fall 2023 Tour Dates

    The waves of anticipation have finally crashed upon our ears with the tidal force that is Whales’ sophomore album, “Two Worlds Apart.” From the deep, reverberating beats of “Digital Demons” to the mesmerizing echoes of “Beyond,” this 17-track ensemble showcases an artist at the peak of his craft, pushing boundaries and merging worlds.

    Each track is a journey through the vast ocean of sound that Whales masterfully navigates. Starting with the pulsating fervor of “One More Time,” he plunges listeners into an immersive auditory universe that oscillates between the serenity of ambient sounds and the adrenaline-charged beats of dubstep. With tracks like “Don’t Want You To Go” and “Lost Control,” we are reminded of the infinite depths and mysteries of the oceans — serene, powerful, and enigmatic.

    This sonic expedition isn’t without its electrifying moments. “Right On” and “Big Room”, a collaboration with Cure97, capture the exhilarating thrill of a deep-sea dive, reminding us of the sheer power and vastness of nature. Meanwhile, “Digital Demons,” with its seamless blend of electronic and grunge elements, taps into the zeitgeist of the digital era, crafting a modern-day siren’s anthem.

    But Whales doesn’t stop at creating breathtaking soundscapes; he also invites fellow talents to the fold. Collaborations with artists like Fytch in “Beyond” and Lusil in “Swipe My Heart” add layers of lyrical depth and rhythmic allure, underscoring his versatility and vision as a musician. The resulting ensemble is a testament to Whales’ commitment to innovation, to pushing the limits of what electronic music can achieve.

    As the album sails towards its conclusion with tracks like “Old Me” and “You,” listeners are left with an overwhelming sense of having journeyed across vast sonic horizons, bridging the seemingly unbridgeable gap between two worlds.

    But Whales isn’t done making waves. His upcoming North American tour, with performances in iconic cities and at the legendary Lost Lands Music Festival, promises to bring the magic of “Two Worlds Apart” to life. And if you want to wear your admiration on your sleeve — literally — you can look forward to his debut merchandise collection in collaboration with Kill the 8, launching September 19. Tickets for Whales tour are available for purchase here.

    “Two Worlds Apart” isn’t just an album; it’s an experience. Whales has crafted a musical odyssey that bridges the divide between electronic genres, promising a transcendent journey for listeners. Whether you’re a seasoned EDM enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this album will captivate, energize, and inspire.

    So, set sail with Whales as your captain, and let the rhythms and melodies of “Two Worlds Apart” transport you to realms you’ve never imagined. Dive deep, for the treasures lie below.


    09.15.2023 – Green Elephant – Dallas, TX
    09.22.2023 – Le Belmont – Montreal, Quebec
    09.23.2023 – MeowWolf – Denver, CO
    09.24.2023 – Lost Lands Festival – Thornville, OH
    10.14.2023 – Oasis Wynwood – Miami, FL
    10.20.2023 – Rampage Amsterdam – Zaandam, Netherlands
    11.18.2023 – Raves Club – El Paso, TX
    11.25.2023 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
    12.08.2023 – Elektricity – Pontiac MI


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