Wiwek Celebrates 10 Years of His Iconic “Jungle Terror” EP Series With Brand New 5th Chapter Released After 4 Years. Out Now on Barong Family

    Dutch super-producer Wiwek returns to Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family with vol. 5 of his iconic “Jungle Terror” EP series, featuring new tracks to honor the concept’s 10-year anniversary. 4 years have passed since Wiwek‘s last release of “Jungle Terror vol. 4” EP, and fans are in for a massive treat with this new installment. “Cola” with Emy Perez gets the party started with strong kick drums and urban-style vocals–a theme throughout all three tracks–along with percussive instrumentals and heavy-hitting bass. “Scream” with Holly explores catchy reggaeton-inspired production and an epic drop, while “Crash The Party” brings in frenzied betas perfect for grooving on the dance floor. Embodying themes of freedom, ethnic exploration, and cultural identity, this EP stands as a testament to Wiwek‘s artistic evolution. Read on for his take on the newest chapter of “Jungle Terror.”

    Jungle Terror vol. 5‘ EP is a collection of songs I’ve been playing a lot in my sets. The idea at first was to just have fresh tunes for my dj sets. When I noticed that the first ‘Jungle Terror‘ EP came out in 2014 it felt like a cool idea to do a new one 10 years after the first one. I have a lot to thank to these series and it was fun to still be creative with it after all these years.” – Wiwek

    A true rebel with a cause, Wiwek isn’t just a DJ, he’s a genre pioneer. Carving out his own sonic space with “jungle terror,” a wild fusion of electronic madness, tribal percussion, and animalistic energy, Wiwek has soundtracked international films, collaborated with Skrillex on genre-bending anthems like “Killa,” and built his own creative haven, Maha Vana Records, a label that lets artists run wild. Fresh off his debut album “Cycles,” Wiwek is ready to unleash a new sonic adventure, one that promises to push boundaries and ignite dance floors. He’s also the mastermind behind the “The Free and Rebellious” EP, which became the soundtrack to a film shot in Bangkok, further solidifying his unique blend of music and storytelling. With a constant stream of new music and exciting projects brewing, 2024 is shaping up to be another explosive year for Wiwek.

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