Brighton Music Conference (BMC), the UK’s foremost electronic music and networking event hosted ‘The Label Lounge’ for its third year, giving producers that golden opportunity for immediate feedback with label heads.

    Taking place at The Tempest Inn on Brighton’s beachfront, just a short walk from the main BMC Hub at the prestigious British Airways i360 complex, The Label Lounge provided a relaxed, friendly environment, where producers had the opportunity to have 1 to 1 meetings with leading A&Rs in the dance music Industry.

    With DJ/Producer Wax Worx on hand to guide and advise participants at the event, this years edition exceeded expectations with many labels returning to participate such as Armada & Axtone and 6 tracks being signed.  Oli Love, who was one of the attendees got a record 3 tracks signed on the day with Marylebone, Sleazy Deep and Frooty Recordings and Krafted signed 2 tracks by Dan Jeffries.

    Dan Jeffries said:
    ‘Absolutely loved the Brighton Music Conference this year. I’d had a ticket since before Covid so it was great to finally hang out with like-minded people, both established and up and coming in the industry. The Label Lounge exceeded all expectations as I got a couple of my tracks signed to Krafted Records! All of the industry talks were fascinating, and the pod parties were something else. A huge well done to a friendly and helpful team that made this happen. I’ll be back next year!’

    Labels who participated this year included; Armada, Axtone, Break The Future, Ear Wax, Frooty Recordings, Jeepers, Krafted, Marylebone, Midnight Riot, New State Music and Sleazy Deep

    Axtone’s Edd Thomas said:

    ‘It was great to connect with aspiring producers. One of the most encouraging things was to see a much more diverse group of aspiring producers coming through, surely the fruits of some brilliant initiatives like”

    Darren Braddick, Krafted said:

    “The whole session was well organised & very relaxed, we’ve signed tracks from Dan Jeffries (SIC) & Evan Duthie, Ollie chose to sign his track to another label in the end which I’m happy with as he’s going to send me a few more demos”

    Participants who attended the Label Lounge this year presented tracks across a broad spectrum of genres and it will be interesting to see how these artists progress in the future. 

    First time participant Gavin Fenton, Wax Roar said:

    First time I’ve ever had any of my music played to record labels. And when 3 different labels tell you the same thing about your productions that need working on, you’d be a fool not to listen, I was even given links to a free course that could help me. I’ll definitely be back next year, and I’ll be a better producer too!”

    Emily Fox added:

    “It was so well organised, the location was perfect and it was the most relaxed demo drop I’ve ever been to. Everybody was really nice and took their time to go through the whole song and give useful feedback.”

    The Brighton Music Conference and The Label Lounge will return next year with dates being announced soon.  If you are a label that would like to participate in The Label Lounge next year please contact [email protected]

    More info on BMC here:

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