All Set for Alok at Stereo Live May 24, 2024!

    May 24th leaves Dallas restless for a sensational Brazilian house legend, Alok. One mustn’t miss this prime opportunity to experience classic hits like “Hear Me Now” or “Never Let Me Go”. Rated in the top of Brazilian DJ’s this prodigy went for the gold in EDM at the stunning age of 19, and continues to amaze his faithful fans of today with electrifying, deep beats you won’t want to skip – playing over at Stereo Live.

    Personally, I would be delighted to hear my favorite track of “Me & You” featuring Iro. A beautiful, transcendent piece that first brought my attention to the melodic tenderness of this heartfelt DJ. The acoustic guitar lulls the listener into a spell of serenity as Iro’s gentle voice pours a story of romantic remembrance and to witness such a electric tale in the homely setting of my personal favorite venue – I couldn’t be more elated. Dallas welcomes an impressive, worldly known, exotic artist (ranked by some in the top 10 of the entire world, mind you!) and I eagerly await the flavors and flair of his European origin. 

    Get your tickets before they’re gone! 

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